New Warlock legendary is one of the best value cards ever

The new Echo keyword is going to get crazy.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hunter’s legendary used Rush, and Warlock’s legendary is making use of the other new keyword—Echo.

The possibilities for this card are pretty cool, and players have already started theory crafting.

Echo puts a copy of minions you play into your hand that lasts until the end of your turn, meaning you can replay those cards as many times in a turn as you have mana for.

Obviously the problem with that is you need to spend six mana initially, so the impact on the turn Glinda is played is minimized. This is going to be a must kill—if you can neutralize it straight away you should be okay, but if it lives things will get dicey.

In the stream hosted by senior designer Peter Whalen and legendary caster Dan “Frodan” Chou, the pair unveiled cards and discussed the potential implications.

The stream is the start of card reveal season. Now community sites and content creators will unveil cards over the next few weeks, until the expansion launches in April.

The set is now available to pre-order, with a massive 70 packs available for $49.99—the most packs ever on offer for that price as part of a pre-order and 20 more than usual.

No release date has been confirmed for the expansion, only that it will arrive by mid-April.