A new Paladin Epic supporting the Dragon archetype is coming in The Witchwood

Is it enough to make Dragon Paladin viable?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new card from The Witchwood expansion has been revealed—Cathedral Gargoyle, a two-mana Paladin Epic minion with two attack and two health.

Although this card doesn’t carry the Dragon tribal tag, it does provide support with its Battlecry: “If you’re holding a Dragon, gain Taunt and Divine Shield.”

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This is the first new Dragon-related card that Paladin has received since One Night In Karazhan’s Nightbane Templar, and it’s only the third such card created.

While this minion appears strong on its own, whether it has sufficient support to see competitive play remains questionable. With the upcoming rotation of Netherspite Historian, and the more consistent Righteous Protector available, more Dragon cards will need to be revealed before this looks viable.

Paladin’s primary strength in the current metagame is the ability to cheat out powerful minions using Call To Arms. Given this minion loses its Battlecry when pulled by Call To Arms, it doesn’t appear to have a role in an aggressive Paladin deck.

Could Tirion Fordring and Midrange Paladin see a resurgence in the new meta, bringing this card into play? We’ll only know after further card reveals.

You can preorder The Witchwood expansion, with a total of 70 packs plus a special card back, in the Hearthstone store on the Blizzard shop for $49.99 until the expansion is released in April.