New minion card revealed for Hearthstone’s next expansion

Card reveal season has officially begun.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Card reveal season is finally upon us, and it didn’t take long for the first new minion to be revealed.

We do know what the card text translates to—Deathrattle: Deal five damage to your minions. Obviously that’s a pretty big drawback, designed to mitigate the advantage of being to accelerate a 5/6 onto the board for four mana.

On first glance, it doesn’t look particularly good. Yes the stat line is nice, but it likely blows up everything else on your board when it dies. Losing significant board presence as a result, without any AoE hit on your opponent, is a pretty big drawback.

The set was announced two weeks ago, but Blizzard opted for two weeks of minimal promotion rather than dragging the card reveals out over a period of a month to six weeks. Now those reveals will begin with urgency, ahead of a release sometime in August.