Meta Breakdown – Week of 11th August

An overview what the meta looks like and what decks is everyone playing (and sample deck lists) for the week of 11th August.

So it’s been a couple of days since the release of the latest cards from the Military Quarter. And after playing from Rank 10 to 2, conceded back down to 7 and then up again, checking out fellow Hearthstone Players’ experience and streamsAn overview of the meta, how the latest Naxx cards are shifting the ladder and the new decks in town., here’s what the meta (US) looks like and what decks is everyone playing!

Rank 10 to 4 – Druids, Zoo and Hunters

As expected, Hunters is one of the most common classes being played. A big reason is because it’s one of the top picks from recent tournaments. The other 2 are Zoo, which is everywhere on the ladder, and Druids.

There are so many variations of Druids running around, a mixture of Ramp and Token (sometimes they feel like they’re blended together cause the only thing you remember before you shatter into a thousand pieces is the Force of Nature and Savage Roar combo).

Rank 4 and up – Healthy Sprinkle

As you go up the ranks, Miracle Rogues start making their appearance again. Less Zoo, but Hunters and Druids remain popular. Control Warrior doesn’t appear as much (to counter Hunters), since they don’t as well against the other meta decks (the edge isn’t  the same when facing Face Hunters).

You get a sprinkle of Priests, Shamans, Handlocks and Zoo behind the top 3 decks mentioned above.

Who’s Missing

Mages are extinct. Paladins are few in between – there was a spike of them a few days back, but they don’t appear as much as you go up the ranks. They’re very slow, which makes them great against other slow decks, like the Control Warrior.

The Counters & Experiments

The addition of the new cards, Nerubian Egg (introducing Void Terror) and Haunted Creeper makes Zoo Warlocks stickier than ever. Zoo Warlock is still one of most consistent decks in the game. When you’re not sure of which deck to play, Zoo is always the safest bet.

Handlocks are still viable and played to counter Druids, but they’re kept in check by the Hunters. It’s a delicate balance, so pay attention to your meta to know when to play it. My smoothest ride was using the Handlock when I was queuing against Druid after Druid from Rank 6 to 4.

Priests are being played as a counter to the new Midrange Hunters. Silence is excellent in the Deathrattle heavy meta. Cabal Shadow Priest are being subbed back in Priest players’ decks due to the prominent amount of 1 or 2 attack minions.

Shamans are playing with their Reincarnate, though kept in check by Hunters. Though the match up is easier than going against Face Hunters, the Hunters will lose if they don’t draw into their combo. So it’s far from un-winnable. bloodlust also takes up a slot in some variations as a win condition – but it’ll back fire against Midrange Hunters. While deck builders are brewing with reincarnate, it has yet to make an impact the higher ladder ranks.

Harrison Jones can be considered if your meta is Hunter heavy, sprinkled with a dash of Shamans and Control Warriors – looking to counter the Hunters.

Loatheb, You the Real MVP

Almost every deck is running this guy, a beefy 5/5 with a solid ability. Even some Zoos are running it to stop board clears. With no crafting cost, this card is accessible to anyone and it clearly shows on the current ladder.

What’s Next

There will definitely be a surge of Warrior decks next week – Death’s Bite is a great addition to the Warrior, trading 1-2 with an AOE synergy to go well with staple Warriors cards like Acolyte of Pain, Armorsmith and Grommash Hellscream can now be activated on turn 8 (short of inner-rage, which saw no play from Control Warriors).

The Decklists

Here are some of the variations of the decks mentioned above being played. Naturally, all Legend viable.


If you don’t want to concern yourself with the meta or what others are playing – Zoo, Midrange Hunter, and Token Druid are recommended for your climb to Legend.

If it’s Druid heavy, go Shaman/Handlock. If Hunter heavy, Ramp Druid (not recommended. See update below).

Update: Apologies about the Ramp Druid recommendation against Hunters. Better options would be Aggro centric decks, as well as Miracle Rogues and Control Priest to counter the Midrange Hunters.