Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Announcement is HERE!

AND NUBA IS BAAACK!!!! Hello everyone and welcome to the thread that will follow the new expansion announcement up close! Here you guys will not only see pictures of newly announced cards but also my first impressions on these cards and probably some fun stuff as well! I have been out of Hearthstone for about […]



Hello everyone and welcome to the thread that will follow the new expansion announcement up close! Here you guys will not only see pictures of newly announced cards but also my first impressions on these cards and probably some fun stuff as well!

I have been out of Hearthstone for about 20 days, simply because as a deck builder I was having zero fun in the game – it was either play Midrange Shaman or not win as much. I chose to go for the third option, which was buy WoW Legion and playing some of that game for the lore stuff!

Well, a new expansion is more than enough to bring me back into Hearthstone, so let’s get started analyzing this new expansion and everything related to it!


The Official Trailer:

The Official Website is UP!

The Announcement

This thread will get Updated constantly with new information through the whole announcement, get ready!

I will also be adding more opinions about the cards as the time passes on. However, I should make a much bigger and organized article by tomorrow.

Alright so for starters, they are adding a new type of card: A “triclass” card, which are cards from a “faction”.

The “family” of classes will be divided in three:

Kabal Family: Priest, Warlock and Mage.

Grimy Goons Family: Hunter, Paladin and Warrior.

Jade Lotus Family: Rogue, Shaman and Druid.

New Cards:

Loved this one. Its just straight up strong. Probably even overpowered and this could be the beginning of the “New Shaman”, which is the only thing that keeps me from the massive hype. However, since Priests have nearly zero playable cards right now, I have the right to be 9/10 hyped 😀

Pretty good card on a vacuum, but seems quite slow as well. Don’t think this will ultimately see play but I could be wrong.

Amazing card draw. Simply amazing. A 3-Drop that draws card was always wanted, this is a pretty good alternative to acolyte-of-pain that we can use in decks that wouldn’t want to play him.

This is also a “Kabal Family Card”, which is: it can only be played by Priests, Mages or Warlocks!

Unless those fishes have some good ability, don’t think this will be playable. Too slow, too many charges (That belongs to a museum) and too little damage.

The effect here is similar to Rafaam, which is: it’ll give you a random 10-mana exclusive spell with an “ok” effect.

It appears I was mistaken, as you can actually even chose the cost and type of the Spell you are “creating”. Seems even better than what I initially thought, as we will be able to “discover” one out of (3*3*3=27) TWENTY SEVEN different possibilities, which is incredibly amazing.

This card will surely see play before reno-jackson rotates but I am quite sure it can’t be played without Mister Jackson, so this card should have a very short life. I love though, and is an amazing reason to play Reno decks before rotation.

I don’t think I have enough time to analyze the numbers here. Probably godlike if we can make a gadgetzan-auctioneer/Spell Warrior viable. arcane-giant would be stronger here too if we had a deck filled with (good) Taunt minions and Spells.

So much Rogue synergy! shadowstep, shadowcaster and so on! I kinda liked this card, seems like there could be (viable) ways of abusing this dude’s battlecry!

This is also a massive nerf to moonglade-portal, as now there is one 6-drop option that isn’t good to be summoned by the Portal.

Good, anti-aggro, but can also be used in Aggro mirrors. The best thing about this card though, is that at 5-mana its still a good card as it has Taunt. Very excited about this dude.

This is my favorite dude from the expansion so far, absolutely amazing! The more I look at it, the more I like it.

He is “ok”. Gives your first Pirate you play (unless you unfortunately draw this before you play a Pirate) in the game an extra effect. I like this card, it makes it so Pirate decks can catch up to already existing decks and possibly to new ones.

Didn’t like this one. Seems quite weaker than other 2-drop draw options that already exists in the game.

A 0-mana 7/7 that can only be played when you have 10 mana, or a 10 mana 7/7 with CThuned ancient-shieldbearer‘s battlecry. Seems versatile enough that it demands a lot of playtesting. Easy craft here.

Another card-draw effect that is inferior to Classic counterparts. azure-drake laughs at this card.

I am not really a fan of conditional cards. Even less when they are Priest cards, because we already know Priests have too many of those. This card could be very powerful, however, depending on the Metagame. Didn’t like it though.

divine-favor alternative option. This makes it so you (as Aggro Paladin) don’t necessarily need to be playing against Control in order to draw cards. Less conditional draw, so I kinda like it. However, I believe we’ll need 1-mana minions with draw-effects (even if inferior ones) in order to have this card be fully playable.

Multi-use Paladin card. I love this one! It also yells “Buff me!” when you have it into play, while also having taunt and costing very little mana.

There is literally nothing bad about this guy, as the vulnerability to Silence isn’t much of a factor since Silence was nerfed a year ago.

So I thought about this a little, and initially I don’t think I would want to run this in any deck, not now neither in the future for multiple reasons I don’t have time to explain right now.

A 5-Mana Draw-Effect that isn’t necessarily inferior to azure-drake, I like it! However, it comes with a condition, and a pretty narrow one. Do we even have spots on our Dragon Deck for this guy, and even if we do, would we want to swap our Spell Power for this? Only time will tell!

Everything about this card yells “Priest Sinergy!!!”. I like it, and so does northshire-cleric.

This card faces the same problems redemption does: The 1/1 Tokens Paladins can generate. All in all it has the chance of being even better than Redemption, because it has better sinergy with Battlecry minions (while having worse sinergy with Deathrattle Minions).

So you need to buff this in order to be drawing cards. Damn, if only this was one mana….

MORE Violet Teacher Sinergy!!!

Rogues should love this card. I don’t know if I would play this on my Rogue deck, but we have to remember tomb-pillager is rotating out really soon, and we, as Rogues, really want cheap Combo-activators. This card also makes not-starting with the coin less of a pain. Could be good but I am still not quite sure as we are literally removing a card from our deck.

A good 3-drop with an Ok-ish ability. Could be a bomb in Mill decks but will those even exist?? Don’t know, seems clunky.

A quite slow Murloc that doesn’t seem to make tha… Waaait, murloc-knight just got super buffed, didn’t it?? :O You could even run this in your deck to summon Murloc Knights and snowball out of Control with low-costed minions that… WOW! This is amazing! Loved this card!!

Edit: Oh, this needs you to KILL a minion with it, not just “attack”, damn. Now this isn’t broken like I thought. In fact, I now don’t even know if this is good enough to be played. Blizzard just ruined my dreams of infinite value T_T

Why would I want to run this over nourish?? To draw lower-costed minions? Don’t think so. This seems straight up worse than Nourish, not to mention Nourish has an amazing sinergy with fandral-staghelm and draws one more card without the RNG of you wanting to have more minions in your deck (that you won’t even be sure you’ll want to reduce their cost). Seems like a pretty bad card simply because it feels overcosted.

Quite good utility card. Helps killing Totems and doomsayers just like crazed-alchemist. I don’t think I would want to run this over Alchemist in my Zoo deck though, and I also don’t think I would want a bigger alchemist in any other deck either.

Yet another super conditional Priest card. this one, however, I loved. It has incredible sinergy with cabal-shadow-priest as well as other Priest cards that requires lower attack on opponent minion for something. Cabal Shadow Priest is enough justification to run this card though. I liked it because I don’t see myself not running it.

An “Ok”arena card, but I don’t think there is much more to it than that. Control decks usually don’t want minions like this one, and Aggro ones would never want it as well.

OH MY GOD!!!! lightbomb JUST GOT OUTCLASSED!!!!!


This card is so good, it can be ran even without Dragons in your deck as a Mass-AOE. This makes Priests go to a whole new level on its own. Can’t wait to play this.

I am still hyped about the Priest card I didn’t even read what this one do, lemme read it again…

6 mana, 5/5 that has the possibility of Drawing you cards…. eerrrr, nah. Worse than other 6-drop options, good with moonglade-portal but nothing much outside of that. It does have some upsides, but I don’t think any of them is enough to justify playing it. Maybe this dude has some amazing powers I can’t see right now.

WOAH! This is possibly the best Control 1-drop neutral card that has ever existed in the game!! Take it zombie-chow!!!

Should be ran as a 2-of in every non-Warrior Control deck, Priests loved this card, Warlocks even more, Paladins and Mages? reno-jackson decks? The Hype!


And right now I am super tired and should take my leave!

If more cards are announced, I should be covering them later today! Stay tuned here at Hearthstoneplayers for a more in-depth analysis of Spoiled cards as well as MORE spoiled cards for us to hype together! 😀

Love you guys, going to take a shower and take a walk!