Here’s the max damage every Hearthstone class can dole out in 1 turn

We've all seen videos of crazy combos and one-turn kills before

We’ve all seen videos of crazy combos and one-turn kills before. But have you ever wondered what the maximum one-turn damage is for each separate class in Hearthstone?

A new video by HysteriA, the channel behind the popular Hearthstone Mythbusters videos, has worked it all out and ranked the classes in order of the maximum damage they can do in just one turn.

Of course, we’ve all seen things like infinite Antonidas and Fireball combos and the effect of multiplied Summoning Portals, but HysteriA is a little more strict with the rules. With no help from cards played the previous turn, no help from cards played by your opponent, and no random effects, we can truly compare the OTK ability of each class.

Paladin lags behind with a paltry 22 damage, while the aggro-focused Hunter class can only muster up 24 damage in one go. In fact it’s Rogue that has the biggest overkill potential, with an Arcane Golem, Cold Blood, and Abusive Sergeant-based combination adding up to 40 damage.

Though the Warrior only manages second place, the creative use of Dire Wolf Alpha and Wisps is probably the cleverest play in the set.

Image via Blizzard