Warrior Legendary Lothar revealed for Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion

The Lion of Azeroth is pleased to make your acquaintance.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The cards are flowing for Hearthstone’s upcoming United in Stormwind expansion.

The latest card to join the fray is Lothar, a seven-cost Warrior Legendary with seven attack and seven health. It reads “At the end of your turn attack a random enemy minion. If it dies, gain +3/+3.”

Image via Blizzard Entermtainment

Azeroth’s mightiest hero is on the weaker side of things in the world of Hearthstone. Lothar, “the Lion of Azeroth,” is a hefty and slow card that relies heavily on RNG. Rush Warrior lacks a solid seven-drop, which Lothar could fill, but the card generally leaves much to be desired.

Lothar, in most circumstances, will be wiped off the board the following turn unless it’s propped up with some extra health, a Divine Shield, a Taunt, or something along those lines.

It remains to be seen if Lothar will fit into the meta or if it will be banished to the arena. It’s a slightly bigger and scarier version of The Boogeymonster, which at least saw some play in constructed, so there is still hope for Warrior players.

United in Stormwind kicks off on Aug. 3. Hearthstone fans can look forward to many more card reveals in the days leading up to the expansion.