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PANIC ON BOARD!!! PANIC ON BOARD!!! A new expansion called League of Explorers (LoE) has been announced, and this time there isn’t even time to breath, BECAUSE IT IS COMING OUT THIS THURSDAY!!!! We don’t even have time to call half of its cards thrash(or awesome!!), that is how much in trouble we, writers, are! […]



A new expansion called League of Explorers (LoE) has been announced, and this time there isn’t even time to breath, BECAUSE IT IS COMING OUT THIS THURSDAY!!!! We don’t even have time to call half of its cards thrash(or awesome!!), that is how much in trouble we, writers, are!

But well, let’s start this RIGHT AWAY(otherwise we won’t finish in time)!!!!

Legendary Cards

arch-thief-rafaam: This big boy right here is strange. I have to say that at first glance I dislike him. Ok, I can see how being able to choose one of these three artifacts: Lantern of Power, Mirror of Doom or Timepiece of Horror can be devastating, but they are not as one-sided game winning as they look. Also, this card has no effect on the board whatsoever the turn it comes in (much like ysera), so I don’t see this seeing play in anything else other than very greedy Control decks, and that is only if this proves itself to be better than already existing legends, only playtesting will tell. On a side note, this is already much better than nefarian, I am sure of that.

elise-starseeker: Probably the Legendary I am most excited about. This is a card that can be ran as a single-card win condition in a lot of Control decks that comes to mind. When playtesting this card a lot of people will look down on it, I am sure, but eventually people will figure out the value of this card, or at least the value I hope this card has. Maybe not a Control Warrior card, since the deck already runs a lot of threats on its own and enjoys its removal, but remember that there are other Control Decks such as Control Priest that simply can’t win drawn out games against other Control decks because they need to focus themselves on Controlling the board early in the game in order to live during the Ladder play, and Elisa Starseeker simply seems to be the card to win those drawn out games without hurting the Aggro matchup too much. Talked to some of my friends, everybody loved this card, I thought I was going to be the only one!

reno-jackson: Elise Starseeker’s best friend. This card will most likely not see competitive play as it is, but it just seems like a very sweet card to pull from your deck after you have played The golden-monkey! You are very likely to only have 1-ofs in your deck after playing the Monkey, so this card will always be healing you back to full when played after the Golden Monkey’s battlecry. No, you don’t have to put this in your deck together with Elise, no, you better not even put this in your deck at all, just hope that you draw it after you play the Monkey in case you need healing!

brann-bronzebeard: My friends have been yelling at me “Fatigue! Fatigue! Fatigue!” when talking about this card, c’mon guys, Fatigue? Well, I guess this card has a lot of potential in a bunch of Different decks, and different than baron-rivendare this has a lot more potential. Yes yes, I can see how playing this with coldlight-oracle and/or antique-healbot can be devastating, but there are other things we can also do with this. I am still not 100% sold on this card, though, as usually these effects are too inconsistent to see play, but I also have to recognize that this card has the potential to be extremely overpowered and something to be nerfed in the coming months because of some possible broken combo nobody thought about yet.

sir-finley-mrrgglton: Cute. A 1 drop 1/3 for all classes that can be helpful in some crazy cases, like changing your hero power into Fireblast (Mage’s hero power) to fight aggro or Reinforce (Paladin’s Hero Power) to fight Warriors. It is still unknown if this card will see play or not, but being a Murloc also helps a little seeing as there are quite a lot of new Murloc cards out there. I liked this card, but can’t help but think this will only be a cute card in your collection book rather than an actual playable card. However, if Murlocs become playable as a strategy, this card will, for sure, be a part of that deck, I am just not sure if it will.

Epic Cards

djinni-of-zephyrs: Woah, what a hard name to type! This card can be very unique, but at least for now I don’t see any buff decks seeing play, regardless of cards, and every time we see a card like this getting released, it sees no play at all. I don’t think this card will be good enough to see play, but seeing as it is an Epic, it might be a decent pick in arena. There isn’t much else to say about this card, it seems to be pretty bad. PS: It is important to note that casting a power-word-shield with this in play nets you 2 card draws, but I don’t think this is enough to justify playing this.

naga-sea-witch: Here is you, spamming me with “Druid!” and “My Varian will only cost 5!” Well sorry to disappoint you, but I believe this card to be also very weak. Ramping your cards can indeed be devastating, but with this even your removal will cost 5 mana, so you’ll only be able to play 1 card per turn until you hit 10 mana, where you’ll only be playing 2 cards per turn, so this isn’t really that appealing…

Oh, wait a second!! This card can actually be good O.O

I have been thinking a little more about this card, and being able to play 2 cards in 1 turn can be good when both of these cards are bombs! Of course, you will be unable to play your lower cost spells, but overall being able to play this and another card turns 10+ can be game changing, and this is also a must-respond threat on its own on turn 5, given how you can build a deck around this card. I still dislike this card, but after some second thoughts I came to the conclusion that this can be playable if built around, but is probably terrible if you don’t.

Rare Cards

summoning-stone: This would be good if it could attack, but it can’t. The first thing you think when using this card is that is has good interactions with Rogue’s spells, that you’ll get a bunch of wisps and that new Murloc wisp when casting 0 cost spells but I don’t believe that is enough to justify playing a card that does literally nothing on the board and can easily be killed by anything. I might bite my tongue, but i’ll just go ahead and say that this card is trash and won’t help Rogues get out of the stinky hole of forgotness Blizzard threw them at after TGT.

eerie-statue: decent body for its cost, but it just seems to unreliable to be playable. This is a card that gets straight up countered by a Hero Power, so don’t expect to see this being played even on the most Controllish of the Control decks.

ancient-shade: 7 Damage can be big, and the drawback is somewhat manageable if you are playing a rush deck. I can see this card being playable in the craziest of the rush decks, so I won’t go ahead and discard this card’s potential right away. It is decent, feel free to play around playtesting this.

wobbling-runts: If only every part of this card had taunt… Otherwise this just joins maexxna in the list of “Best cabal-shadow-priest targets ever”. I don’t think this will see play at all in constructed, however this looks like a decent pick in Arena.

Common Cards

fossilized-devilsaur: Arena Card .-.

anubisath-sentinel: Another Arena Card. >.>

gorillabot-a-3: A non-aggro Mech cards, if only Mech was not an aggro tribe this would be playable, but this just will never take piloted-shredder slot, ever.

tomb-spider: looks like gnomish-inventor got its own Hunter Control version. We all know that Hunter Control is unplayable, so I don’t think this will see play either.

jeweled-scarab: Oh hey, let’s get old cards and turn them into Discover cards, that might work! This is novice-engineer’s discover version. No, this is not good enough to see play, but yes this can be a decent pick in arena, just like all the other common cards in this set.

huge-toad: Well seems like Razorfen Raptor just got upgraded once again! This card seems much better than kings-elekk for Hunter Midrange, so this might see play there (low chances though!), I doubt it will see play anywhere else though.


Ok ok, focus!! This card is obviously a decent card to run into some crazy Murloc aggro deck that might pop up during some period of time. Since Murlocs were known to be as explosive as possible, having a 0 cost synergy card can help making Murlocs achieve their goal of being playable once again! AND IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!!! ([email protected]$*@($&@*$


And this is it for the Neutral cards of LoE! Stay tuned in Hearthstoneplayers for more reviews coming up soon, a couple of our writers are working very hard to bring you guys these reviews and show you all our opinions on every card!

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Hope to see you guys later, love you all!