LoE Nuba Reviews – Class Cards Part 2 n’ Verdict

And here we are continuing our League of Explorer’s Class Card Review 😀 This is the final part of the 3-part LoE Review I am making, but for sure not the last LoE post I am going to be publishing this week! Hope you guys have been liking what we have been publishing so far, […]


And here we are continuing our League of Explorer’s Class Card Review 😀

This is the final part of the 3-part LoE Review I am making, but for sure not the last LoE post I am going to be publishing this week!

Hope you guys have been liking what we have been publishing so far, let’s go back to the card review?? 😀

Rogue Cards

tomb-pillager: I find this card to be very weak. I mean, this is not a bad card, by no means! But it’s Deathrattle seems to be so meaningless that I just don’t see a reason to run this over piloted-shredder, ever. Damn, even evil-heckler seems like a better choice than this, and the card isn’t even good!

unearthed-raptor: A decent card, even when played without its Battlecry effect. I mean, a 3/4 for 3 isn’t good but it isn’t bad either, and having the option to actually activate its Battlecry can make this a bomb, regardless of what Deathrattle you are copying (considering it is a positive one!). This card alone might make another Rogue strategy come up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogues remained in Oblivion seeing as the other 2 cards are just too bad to Unearth Rogues from the grave.

pit-snake: This card makes mounted-raptor even better, but I think that is all about it.  This won’t be playable by itself, or at least I believe so, since this can easily be removed by most Hero Powers, and even when it can’t be removed by Hero Power, this is still too easy to remove and too weak on its own.

Shaman Cards

everyfin-is-awesome: Before we start talking about this card, let’s just play this music:


Ok, now we start talking about it – The card is good, just shows how Blizzard is trying to push Murloc Shaman. This seems like a much better bloodlust for Murlocs, given how you can use this for excellent board position and trading. Expect this card to be played if Murloc Shaman ever becomes a thing, but (for obvious reasons) this won’t see any play if Murloc Shaman doesn’t exist, which is highly possible.

rumbling-elemental: Worse than fireguard-destroyer? (*) Check! Much worse than piloted-shredder? (*) Double Check! This card will never see play, even in Arena I only see this being picked if the other options are a Murloc and a 0/2 Taunt, shame on you Blizzard!

tunnel-trogg: STOP TRYING TO PUSH OVERLOAD DECK ON US ALREADY!!! As a Shaman player, I am very disappointed that Blizzard keeps throwing stuff at us to make us use those bad Overload cards. Overload is bad, and you can always find an equally value card for the same cost but without the overload (which makes the other card better). I would much rather avoid overloading myself all together, but Blizzard just want to keep throwing these cards at us, so we’ll have to use them, sadly. This card isn’t bad, it makes totem-golem much better too. Shamans got their mana-wyrm for when you play bad cards, yey! I predict this to be a staple in every Midrange Shaman, and I also predict a slightly increase in Overload cards use simply because of this card and how good it is (Yes, I admit this card is good u.u).

Warlock Cards

reliquary-seeker: Hey Blizzard made another Warlock 1-drop, which is something we said would never happen ever again! Oh, but wait, it is a horrible one, Damn it! Might as well pretend this one isn’t a card. If this was a 2/1 and would get +3/+4 with its Battlecry this would possibly be playable, but as a 1/1 this is straight up unplayable. If I have a board with 6 Minions, I will always prefer having a sea-giant in hand over this, and if I don’t, I will still always prefer having anything else in the game over this, which makes this card terrible.

curse-of-rafaam: Interesting card, the idea for this is to be used in very aggressive decks where your opponent will want to use their mana to get rid of your threats over discarding this card, but overall I think this card won’t be playable since it generates both no value as well as no kind of advantage. Keep in mind you’re making your opponent waste his time to get rid of this curse, but you are also wasting your time casting this and having this in your deck over other cards.

dark-peddler: A decent card to have in Aggro decks, since this gives you a free card, replacing itself. I liked this card, it fits the slot of 2 defensive cards as well in Control, giving you 2 minions to fight for the board control early in the game, or a minion and a removal. The fact you are able to choose the card you draw is absurdly good, and this can also draw stuff like corruption too, which although not good enough to have in a deck, can be very useful.

Warrior Cards

cursed-blade: A fine way to commit Seppuku. If you feel like killing yourself, this is the card you should be using in your deck! In case you want to win games, you should avoid even looking at this thing, word is out that this thing is Cursed!!! BibleThump

obsidian-destroyer: Also known as Poor-Man’s-Boom, this card will do nothing else other than replacing Dr. Boom for starters who weren’t able to craft it yet. Not saying that this is a bad card, but there simply are much better cards out there. I like this, and it is for sure a terrific arena pick, but nothing more other than that, sadly.

fierce-monkey: HELL YEAH!! Face the powah of teh monkeh! I like this card, very standard, a 3/4 taunt for 3, might be very helpful for actual Warrior decks, so I won’t say this is bad, I actually liked it. This card should be playtested a lot in Control Warrior the week it comes out, but only a lot of playtesting will tell if this is good enough to be a staple or not. Also important to note how this also makes Midrange Warrior a possibility.

Verdict of LoE’s Impact on the Classes

And this is the last section of the LoE Review, here we are going to talk a little about the classes and how LoE will possibly impact each and every one of them, we will also talk about what each and every one of them gained. Just as a guide to my verdicts:

  • Positive – The class will be better after the expansion or remain a tier 1.
  • Neutral – The class will remain what it is after the expansion.
  • Negative – The class will be worse after the expansion or remain horrible.


Starting with Warrior, I believe Warrior didn’t get much with League of Explorers. The Class is in a good spot right now that not getting much means it won’t be negatively impacted by it as much for not gaining a lot. fierce-monkey can be deciding in the rise of a new Warrior archetype, but overall I think Control will remain as the most played Warrior archetype.

Verdict – Negative.


Most people are saying Warlock is going to be very damaged with LoE for not getting anything, seeing as both Handlock and Zoo don’t seem to be getting anything at all. I disagree with everyone and will just jump the boat yelling that dark-peddler is going to be a major player in every Warlock deck out there given how much utility this card provides, regardless of strategy. Being a 2-mana card also makes this card very consistent, as it can be a 2-mana 2/2, or a 3 mana 2/2+something cool, like a mortal-coil, a corruption, a zombie-chow or anything else you want, because you get to choose! The other Warlock cards aren’t going to help the class at all, but I believe the Peddler is enough to keep Warlocks competitive.

Verdict – Neutral.


Shaman is, together with Rogue, a class thrown in Oblivion. LoE only gave Shamans a pair of tunnel-trogg to add to their decks, but that might just be enough to make the class playable once again. For sure not a tier 1 class, but it can become a tier 2 or 3 class rather than a Tier-Infinite class as it is today.

Verdict – Positive/Neutral.


I don’t think Rogues got anything obviously good in this expansion, and since the class was already into the void, I think it will remain there. unearthed-raptor can be a major player in making rogues viable, but at least for now I highly doubt that.

Verdict – Negative.


Priest is that kind of class that is good, but on the edge of not being good, and that needs to gain very good additions every expansion to remain playable. I don’t think that Priests will leave the Tier-2 with this expansion but I also don’t think it will be worse. In fact, I believe the class got enough small buffs to keep it in the competitive group, and seeing as Control Warrior got no buffs I think the class might become a better tier-2 class. Cards that I think will have very good impact on Priest lists: elise-starseeker, museum-curator and possibly entomb – Notice that neither of these cards (except for maybe Entomb) are buffing Dragon Priests, but rather Control Priest.

Verdict – Positive.


I don’t think Paladins are going anywhere. Mysterious Challenger is still too good to drop out of the Tier-1 even after a whole expansion of nothingness, and that is counting sacred-trial won’t see play, because if it does proves to be good, then the Secret deck becomes even better! Note that there are also no cards to fight Secret Paladins being added this expansion.

About Midrange Paladin, keeper-of-uldaman is a decent card, and Midrange Paladin (non-secret) is already in a good enough position that I don’t think LoE will hurt it.

Verdict – Positive.


forgotten-torch is already enough to make mages better after the expansion, and if ethereal-conjurer proves itself to be as good as I think, Mages might as well become a tier-1 class and a real thing in the metagame after the Expansion, so I have no doubts about the verdict on this one.

Verdict – Positive.


desert-camel and dart-trap are both decent enough to possibly make Hunters even better after this expansion. I will just go ahead and call this a win.

Verdict – Positive.


Druids only seem to have gained one card with this expansion, but such a card is so powerful it might even push out new strategies with it. We also can add it to already existing Druid strategies because it has the potential of being overpowered. I like mounted-raptor and what it represents for the Druid Class.

Verdict – Positive.


And this is it for the League of Explorer’s Nuba Review!

It was awesome writing about every single one of these cards, it also helped me a lot seeing potential in cards I instantly discarded and only after thinking very long about them I could see their real potential.

I hope you guys enjoyed these reviews I made! Coming up next, Brews!!!

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See you guys later,

Love yall :3


PS: Oh oh, my favorite cards in this expansion are elise-starseeker and dark-peddler, how about yours? 😀 Let me know in the comments!