Everything you need to know about the locations in Hearthstone’s Dalaran Heist

What is the League of EVIL's target?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard revealed the title of Hearthstone’s newest solo adventure, the Dalaran Heist, earlier this week.

The solo mode will include five chapters that all represent a place in the magical city of Dalaran.

Any World of Warcraft player will tell you just how important Dalaran is to Azeroth. The city serves as a capital for magic and as a safe haven to Alliance and Horde players alike. Dalaran is also the home of numerous ancient artifacts and powers, so it’s not hard to see why the League of EVIL has chosen to descend upon it.

Each chapter in the new solo adventure will be based on a location in Dalaran. Using what we know about both World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, let’s take a look at what each location might bring to the fight.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dalaran Bank

Why does any villain rob a bank? For gold and precious items, of course. Since Dalaran is a neutral city, odds are it has one of the most stacked bank vaults within the world of Azeroth. Since each location we hit involves a surprise, it’s no shock that the bank’s twist is called Coin-filled Coffers. While playing at the bank, an 0/3 cache will spawn on the opponent’s side of the board. Breaking the cache will give two coins to each player. It looks like you can expect our assault on the bank to include some hefty mana ramp.

The Violet Hold

The Violet Hold is potentially the most powerful prison in Azeroth. World of Warcraft fans probably remember experiencing the Violet Hold as a dungeon within Dalaran. So what business would henchman have in the Violet Hold, you ask? It appears the plan is to assault the hold and release the horrors within. This will keep the guards busy while the rest of us are able to assault the remaining parts of Dalaran. The twist for the Violet Hold is called Imprisoned Minions. At the start of the game, a random minion is locked on the board. The minion will unlock as the game progresses.

Edit: A previous version of this story said locked minions would be from your deck. They’re actually just completely random minions.

Streets of Dalaran

For World of Warcraft players, the streets of Dalaran are probably where you spent most of your AFK time during the Legion expansion. The streets of the magical city are notoriously crowded and it looks like the League of EVIL has taken notice. Sowing chaos in the streets will be a fantastic way to keep the Dalaran guards off of our trail. The twist for this section of the adventure is called Crowded Streets. A variety of untargetable tokens or objects will be placed on the board in an attempt to reduce the space available for minions.

The Underbelly

As the name implies, the Underbelly is the name of the underground sewer system in Dalaran. Think of the Underbelly as the slums of Dalaran. World of Warcraft players can regularly find shady types dwelling in the bowels of the city, so it should come as no surprise that the League of EVIL has business there. While playing in the Underbelly, all minions have their attack and health swapped. That means those beefy Taunts will become heavy hitters if you take them down into the depths of Dalaran.

Kirin Tor Citadel

In the final wing of the adventure, you must assault the Kirin Tor Citadel. The Citadel has been home to the magical leaders of the mighty Kirin Tor. This group of mages protects the magical knowledge of Azeroth and in World of Warcraft, they’ve helped players face down countless evils.

If what we know about the Kirin Tor from WoW transfers into Hearthstone, we can expect the Citadel to be the toughest of all the wings. The twist for the Kirin Tor Chapter seems to be that it’ll include four additional encounters. This means players will need to defeat four more enemies before they’re able to consider the chapter complete.

You can join the League of EVIL and start attacking Dalaran as soon as the adventure goes live on May 16.