Litiq Weekly Tournaments Review #1

I have been actively competing in most open tournaments with quite some success! I'd like to review some Hearthstone tournaments so read on!


Hi guys, Litiq here again. You might remember me as author of Hydra – Naxx Handlock guide. I have been actively competing in most open tournaments with quite some success (3rd on ZOTAC EU #40) and got this idea to summarize every important event running on Hearthstone scene + adding “Tournament Deck of the Week”. I hope you will like it and I’m looking forward to this weekly series!

Dreamhack Bucharest

This major event took place in Bucharest, Romania on 31st October – 2nd November. It was an open offline event consisting of 72 players (64 open slots + 8 invites). Invited players were: Ekop, Frezzar, Rdu, ThijsNL, Max, Lothar, Gaara, Hyped. Most of invited players got really far. The grand finale was clash between former DH Bucharest champion Gaara representing team TempoStorm and ThijsNL from Meet Your Makers in a Best of 7 format. The series was very close ending up 4-3 in ThijsNL’s favor. The most notable match was in my opinion the first game, where both players kicked off with Shaman. It was a showmatch of both player’s skills as it came down to last card in their deck, which is very unusual in Shaman mirror match. Congratulations to ThijsNL winning 4000$ and Meet Your Makers!


40th tournament of these famous weekly series. Zotac is considered most prestigious tournament open to every player. Even though it’s an open tournament many pro / famous players compete in it regularly. I personally participated as every week and lost in semifinals to Ostkaka from team ROOT (Xixo, ErA and formerly Amaz). Ostkaka ended up winning this ZOTAC. This tournament is in common Best of 3, single elimination format until finals, which are Best of 5. On my way to semifinals I unfortunately had to eliminate 2 of my teammates. Congratulations for Ostkaka winning 100€ and making his name more famous.

Deck of the Week

This week I would like to feature Chakki’s “Bursty” Shaman. What makes this deck different from all other Shaman decks is double doomhammer and double lava-burst enabling incredible burst damage and over-all pressure.

Today starts the Hearthstone World Championship with 250 000$ prize pool and I am looking forward to write about biggest Hearthstone event. So stay tuned until next week! Also feel free to leave some feedback in comments I will be more than willing to answer!

I also provide coaching for less experienced players, so if you are interested my skype is l.i.t.i.q