Lifecoach Shines at SeatStory Cup V

Lifecoach triumphs in the fifth edition of the famous cup, stashing another great trophy to his collection.

Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy has emerged victoriousin the fifth installment of the famous SeatStory Cup by TaKeTV,cashing $10,000 and earning another prestigious trophy.

The road to victory was long and tough. In the Round-of-32 groupstage, Lifecoach had a relatively easy start with him winning bothof his matchups against Chakki andJ4CKIECHAN with a total score of 6-1, onlydropping one game against Chakki.

Things were a bit tougher in the Round-of-16 group stage, withLifecoach finishing the stage with a final score of 6-5 from two3-1 victories against Xixo andOrange, but a 0-3 loss againstZalae. However, Lifecoach still advanced tothe playoffs.

The playoff phase started with Lifecoach facingEloise, winning the matchup easily with a 4-1victory. Up next in the semifinals, Lifecoach would face fellowteammate and European Champion ThijsNL. After anintense best-of-seven, Lifecoach managed to prevail with a close4-3 victory and made his way to the grand finals to face J4CKIECHANonce again.

Looking to avenge his 3-0 loss in theRound-of-32, J4CKIECHAN was more alert and prepared toface his opponent. However, after another intense best-of-sevenseries, Lifecoach took him down once again with a score of4-3.

This is the first big victory for Lifecoach in 2016. His lastmajor victroy was at the Celestian Invitational #1 in Dec.2015.

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