Legend Aggro Shaman Deck Guide

Most people know about Midrange Shaman. Tim's here to show you his Aggro Shaman which he took to Legend!


Hi, my name is Tim and I have recently posted an article on the malygos Rogue deck. I have played all of the classes, and one of my favorite is Shaman. I started to play control shaman and it went well, but I wanted to try an aggro/ one-turn-kill version.

So, I made an Aggro Shaman with lots of power and for quicker games. I have hit Legend (Rank 433) during the June season with this deck and I feel that is easy to use and is really fun when you can get off a big combo.


The strategy is very simple, get minions out, and buff them with windfury to attack the face. Spells like earth-shock, lightning-bolt, lightning-storm, lava-burst, and hex should do the job of removing your opponents board. I have a lot of stealth minions in this deck, because I feel that they are really tough to deal with and can force your opponent to use his splash spells poorly.

I have chargers too, these are usually used to finish off your opponent. I like to use my windfury a lot when I can get my opponent to below 10 health or for finishing him of. An example of a crazy combo is: leeroy-jenkins, 2 rockbiter-weapon, and windfury, 24 damage for 8 mana. On average most of your games will end at turn 7 and he will have you about half health at turn 5.

Card Selection

earth-shock is a great solution for minions with strong effects or minions that were buffed. I like to use it against minions with divine shield such as scarlet-crusader. It is also a great for when your opponent thinks they got great value of their twilight-drake. I would never suggest using this just for the 1 damage, unless necessary.

lightning-bolt is great for when you need that extra damage to the face and for killing the early minion. The overload doesn’t bother me that much and it goes well with the other spells in this deck.

rockbiter-weapon is a part of your burst damage/ OTK card. I prefer using this when I can create a lot of damage to the face, but sometimes I would use it for removal. For example, your opponent coins at turn one and plays and tough minion to deal with, you can put the rockbiter to your face and attack.

abusive-sergeant has decent 1 drop stats and is great for burst damage to kill some of their tough minions or to hurt your enemy. I only put one in my deck, but if you want two I would take out a worgen-infiltrator or another 1 drop card.

leper-gnome is simply 1 mana for 4 damage, I recommend attacking this guy to the face for extra value or for the removal and the damage. I put him in the deck to get you closer to the kill.

worgen-infiltrator is one of the stealths I have in this deck. His stats may be low, but with the right buffs, your opponent won’t know what to do. Yes, there is always AOE but he would most likely be wasting it for a minion or 2.

stormforged-axe is one of my favorite weapons in the game, with its 3 durability, it can kill 3 minions with 2 health each. Even with the Overlord it is great, I only put one because it can be used a lot.

windfury is probably the most important card in this deck, it is your finisher butting this on Leeroy or another charger is great. It combines well with rockbiter weapon and can also be used for the 2 minion removal in one turn. Some people only put one of these in their deck, but I prefer two because it is really important to get this card and with only one there is a smaller chance.

faerie-dragon is a great 2 drop and forces your opponent to trade, it is great against decks that use a lot of spells like freeze-mage and can be buffed up to be unstoppable.

loot-hoarder is a card draw and a 2 health minion killer. I put one in here because he will draw a card and will most likely trade. Hero abilities don’t get that much power because of the card draw and can slow down their game.

hex is my favourite removal in this game, it is cheaper than polymorph and more efficient than assassinate. It is good for getting rid of big taunts for your burst damage or surviving till the next turn. Don’t fall for baits, play it wisely, if there is a minion and you have lethal but you just need to get rid of it than sure. I always like to keep it for big guys like ragnaros.

lava-burst is very good for giving that extra damage to the face that you need for finishing the game, but it still is not the best of cards that is why I only put one. It has Overlord 2 which might be bad for the next turn so that is why I strongly recommend only using it for lethal damage.

lightning-storm is a great AOE spell and combined with a spell damage token even better. This is a great board clear for when you are in some trouble and you can’t apply your burst damage. I like to use this when you can get the most value, unless you really need it. Since it is so cheap, the overlord doesn’t really bother me and doesn’t change my view on this card. I also think you need to have two of them in your deck or your opponent’s board might get overwhelming.

arcane-golem is great for your extra burst damage. Putting a windfury and/or a rockbiter weapon can cause lethal or set it up for next turn. the battle cry effect doesn’t bother me that much when your going to be doing a lot of damage anyways.

jungle-panther  is an important stealth in this deck, it has for damage which is great and unless your opponent has a two damage AOE spell or higher you can get some serious combos next turn.

king-mukla is one of my favourite legendaries and is great to coin out when your opponent doesn’t have any minions on the board. I prefer playing it when I can calculate how much the bananas help the board he has. He is super strong already an with the right buffs you just might get some nice damage.

wolfrider is okay, but I decided to put one in my deck for the charge and has some potential for major combos. If you want you can take it out for some other cards such as another jungle-panther or one more stranglethorn-tiger.

leeroy-jenkins is your finishing minion, he has so much potential and combos in this deck. I would only play him when you have lethal and I find that the whelps don’t help my opponent that much.

doomhammer is a great weapon and can be used multiple times thanks to the windfury. It can either be four damage to the face or kill two small minions every turn. It is so flexible and the only problem is it can possibly be major value for harrison-jones.

stranglethorn-tiger is one of my favourite five-drops in the game and can get major combos because of its stealth. It is so tough for your opponent to deal with and can also trade efficiently.


The mulligans for this deck are quite simple. You need to keep your minions, because at the beginning of the game they are more important then setting up a huge combo. Put back your spells and weapons, this advice is the same for all match ups because it is a very straight-forward deck.

Vs. Zoolock

I find this to be a pretty even matchup, but I get about 60% against them. The reason why I believe this deck is better is because of the windfury and there are more combos to be made. I have a lot of cheap removal in this deck to get rid of their minions and I have a lot of minions to start attacking his face. I don’t like trading my minions, unless necessary because I have my spells to do that for me. Save your hex for minions such as doomguard and keep your spells for removing minions.

Vs. Handlock

This is a tough matchup, I get about 45% against them. I have recently started doing better against handlock because I use to do as much damage as I could but not getting lethal and they would get health back with cards such as lord-jaraxxus and alexstrasza. So, only make a major combo if you have lethal or it will all be a waste.

Vs. Aggro Hunter

This matchup is pretty even, but I get about 60% against them. This is a race between you and your opponent, aggro hunter is always trying to attack your face and you are always on a clock. Try to use your spells on his minions and it is okay to make combos that don’t give you lethal but do a lot of damage. I like using my minions only on his face, you both should be losing lots of health.

Vs. Control Warrior

I find this is a pretty easy matchup when you play it right. I get about 70% against them, I use to go 40%. You have to stop them from racking up lots of armour, in order to do that you have to get rid of their armorsmiths. Also, Control Warrior has a lot of late game so make sure to not waste anytime and just kill them.

Vs. Control Shaman

Yes, the opposite archetype for your class. I get about 45% against this tough class. Control Shaman’s will obviously try to get board control and they will use a lot of totems, which we don’t. Make sure to kill minions like flametongue totem and you need to get maximum value out of your AOE spell. If you play everything correct you can win in this match up.

Vs. Aggro Paladin

This is a pretty even match up, I get  55% against them. The goal of aggro paladin is to play their hand as fast as possible and then reload with divine-favor. So, you have to try to waste your hand as fast as possible. Try not to make bad plays just to waste your hand, but never keep to big of a hand. If you follow that rule you will most likely win.

Vs. Priest

This is a very simple match, and I get about 90% against them. All the priest does is try to stay alive and finish you off with expensive legendaries. So finish them early and don’t over commit to the board because of the strong AOE combo Auchenai Soulpriest/Circle of healing combo.

Vs. Freeze Mage

This is a very tough match, i get about 30% against them. This is one of the most annoying decks in the game because of ice-block which keeps them alive after your awesome combos. So, this game requires some luck for when you have lethal and they don’t have ice block. Also, be very conservative with your life and be prepared for Alexstrasza to secure the victory.

Vs. Ramp Druid

This is tough, I get about 40% against them. There is one mulligan change for this deck, if you have hex keep it for when they innervate. You need to hope you kill them in 3-4 turns because that is really all the time you have before they start bringing out the big guys. Make sure you clear the taunts for a chance at a lethal combo to appear.


Thank for reading my guide on the Aggro Shaman, As you can see this deck is very strong against other aggro and can stand its ground vs control. If you have any questions ask in the comments below or just leave your thoughts too!