Kotori Lightblade introduced for Hearthstone’s upcoming Voyage to the Sunken City expansion

Paladin players, rejoice.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you thought the light wouldn’t be as powerful at the bottom of the ocean as it is on land, you were mistaken.

Paladin players, rejoice. Kotori Lightblade is the latest card introduced for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City.

Kotori Lightblade is a two-cost 2/3 Legendary Paladin minion with a powerful effect. After you cast a Holy Spell on Kotori Lightblade, that spell will be cast again on another friendly minion. If you think about this ability in terms of decks like Libram Paladin, then you can definitely see its benefits.

With Kotori Lightblade, you’ll be able to buff up two minions for the price of one. Libram Paladin has been a force of true power throughout the last year of Hearthstone and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon.

Kotori Lightblade joins a plethora of powerful Legendary minions revealed thus far for Voyage to the Sunken City. Kotori Lightblade was revealed via the official Hearthstone Twitter through a fancy little video.

You can check out Kotori Lightblade and all of the new cards coming with Voyage of the Sunken City expansion when it goes live on April 12. You can pre-order the Voyage to the Sunken City Mega and Standard bundle right now through the Battle.net store.