How to pilot Kazakus Priest in the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta

Single-card decks are back in vogue.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When the Standard meta rotated once again in April, Reno Jackson left Hearthstone’s Standard meta game.

That meant that the popular “highlander”, or no duplicate, decks went away. Kazakus alone was not enough to make the decks powerful or playable. That is until Knights of the Frozen Throne introduced the Priest Hero card, and everything has changed.

Screenshot from Hearthstone Top Decks

The deck centers around two key cards—Shadowreaper Anduin and Raza the Chained. These two cards work amazingly together, because if your deck has no duplicates Raza reduces your hero power to a zero mana cost. Shadowreaper Anduin’s hero power resets whenever you play a card. Therefore you have a free two points of damage for every card you play once you reach that stage. That’s why this deck is sometimes nicknamed Machine Gun Anduin, a homage to the Flamewaker Mage of times gone by.

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Another impactful card in the deck is Eternal Servitude. This card allows you to discover one of your minions that has died during the game and re-summon it. You can bring back a Lich King, a Lyra the Sunshard, or a different minion that fits the situation you are in. Having a second chance with these legendaries can turn the game around and give you the tools to win.

In the early game the deck is mainly about card draw and getting closer to your game changing cards. This is done through Northshire Cleric, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Visions, and Devour Mind.

The mid game is about setting up your combo by playing Raza and Lyra in order to put yourself in a good position for when you are ready to through down Shadowreaper Anduin and output tons of damage.

The late game is where you continually reset your hero power to deal with threats your opponent puts on board and/or nuke down your opponent’s health total. Kazakus also provides a late-game option in the 10 mana cost potion that lets you choose what is best aspects to the potion that fits your situation.

Here is a video of the deck in action with Brian Kibler reaching that machine gun point, and showing the power in this deck.