Journey to Legend: Part 3 (Final)

The third and final part of our journey to legend in Hearthstone Test Season 4, as we climb from rank 5 to legend using Control Warrior and Aggro Hunter.

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This is Jimmy, updating on my last leg of the series for Hearthstone Players: Journey to Legend.

Gameplay Videos – 10 Games

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Hearthstone Players Journey to Legend (Season 4) Control Warrior Decklist

Meta Meta Meta

The hardest part of the entire grind was perhaps Rank 5–3. There was the constant sea of Zoo Locks, and it was a coinflip against those matches with my Control Warrior. I spent a good amount of time last weekend just bouncing between Rank 5–3, depending on how (un)lucky I was with the decks I was facing.

Zoo lock is almost like a basic check for any decks to climb up the ranks. I did have some success using my Hunter to break through the wave of Zoo Locks, but only to be stop cold by another popular deck – Control Warrior.

And if I’m really unlucky, the moment I pick up my Shaman to deal with the Control Warriors, I get matched up with Hunters three times in a row. Ouch.

Basically – be prepared to have a number of decks read in your collection, to counter those that’s being played a lot at any given time. Flavor of the Hour deck usually comes right after a popular streamer or tournament winner decklist gets published.

I finally broke into Rank 2 when everyone was, for some reason, running Shamans. Naturally, I busted out my Hunter deck and coasted all the way to Rank 2. From there on, it was Control Warrior all the way with a game or two of using Handlock or Shaman (to prevent my brain going numb from playing the same deck).

Hearthstone Players Journey to Legend (Season 4) Aggro Hunter Decklist

The More You Play

The more you’ll notice which decks have a natural advantage over which decks. I find Shamans have a easier time against Handlocks, Warriors eat Hunters, Hunters eat Shamans and Zoo Locks checks every deck before it comes a solid contender in the current meta.

The last 2 ranks was really a breeze for me, I started getting matched up against other Legend Rank players and I assume they’re mostly trying out different decks (instead of seriously climbing the Legend Rank ladder), allowing me to capture easy wins with a finely tuned Warrior Control deck.

When I finally hit Legend rank, I was awarded with #101!

Cliff Notes

• Pilot Hunter or Zoo Lock till Rank 10.

• Pilot Control Warrior till Rank 5.

• Pilot Hunter/Warrior till Rank 2.

• Pilot Control Warrior till Legend.

• Rank 5–2 was the most tedious part, nasty losing streaks can really set you back.

• Rank 2–Legend is cake walk compared to Rank 5–2.

• Have a number of decks ready to play the Rock-Scissors-Paper Meta game.

Good luck your climb to Legend and see all of you guys in the Official Season 1! Feel free to ask any questions you have below and I’ll be glad to answer them!

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