Legend Reno Warrior Tech Deck

Hello cuties, today I bring you guys a very different deck of mine! When I was playtesting decks in the Legendary Rank, I came up with the idea of testing a Control Warrior list featuring . I saw quite a lot of different builds that used the card but disliked every single one of them, […]


Hello cuties, today I bring you guys a very different deck of mine! When I was playtesting decks in the Legendary Rank, I came up with the idea of testing a Control Warrior list featuring reno-jackson. I saw quite a lot of different builds that used the card but disliked every single one of them, I found them to be very inconsistent so I decided to make my own build!

With my own build I was able to reach the highest winrate I ever had, and playing against Legendary opponents as well! So here I am ready to share this awesome list with you guys so every one of you can reach the Legendary rank as well as very high ranks in the Legendary Ladder(considering you can play the list well, haha)!

The Deck

Warrior Control is one of those decks that can afford to play a lot of 1-ofs, because of its high consistency and the amount of health the deck gains, it is capable of surviving a lot longer than other decks, drawing a lot of cards in the process which allows the deck to be consistent even though it runs a lot of 1-ofs. Thinking of that, I decided to make a Control Warrior deck using the new League of Explorer’s card reno-jackson. The results were amazing as the card outperformed in the deck when compared to other decks. Also, the bunch of 1-ofs allowed the deck to be more versatile and win easily against Matches that it had difficult with.

When creating the deck, I had a lot of problems seeing other deck lists: I just hated them. Only 1 fiery-war-axe? I mean c’mon! bouncing-blades?? But this card is horrible! No, I won’t be using bad cards just because I have to run a lot of 1-ofs, all I have to do is do the right choices, so I started crafting, from scratch, my own list.

Another thing that allowed me to go even more consistent on the Warrior Control department was fierce-monkey added in the latest LoE wing. The card allowed me to have even more options early in the game, becoming an auto-include in the deck.

I didn’t want to drop the second fiery-war-axe at any cost, so I never took it out of my deck in my playtests, this happens because the Axe is a card we always want to have in our starting hand, and even if we don’t happen to bump upon it early in the game, we have enough Armor gain to sustain ourselves until we actually need the Reno Jackson’s healing, which will happen around the time we actually draw one of the Axes. Sure there is a chance we’ll need Reno Jackson’s healing and we don’t draw an Axe, but that chance is so low compared to the number of chances we would really want an Axe over anything else we can substitute, and the chances we’ll actually be getting the Axe before we need Reno, that it is simply impossible not to play 2 copies of Fiery War Axe.

The other removal was easy to change because there are removal that are as good as the ones we dropped: bash is awesome and playable even within Control Warrior itself, the-black-knight is one of the best cards to play in a metagame like this where everyone runs taunts(*), gorehowl is awesome when your health isn’t an issue at any point (Thank you, Reno Jackson!) and crush even though it costs more mana than execute can be more versatile than Execute itself, killing even Divine Shield minions.

So, having good removal and good board presence cards, this deck seems all around better than standard Control Warrior because it has no bad matchups.

(*) – Just going a little deeper here, this metagame is being dominated by both Midrange decks (Druids and Paladins) as well as Reno Jackson Decks, and all of those decks use tons of Taunt cards. The only game I played that I couldn’t take value out of The Black Knight was when I was getting stream sniped against a guy that fatigued with both sunfury-protector and defender-of-argus as his last cards in hand as a Reno Warlock, and even that game I managed to win (The guy added me after the game to say he was really stream snipping).

Playing The Deck

This deck plays exactly like any other Control Warrior deck, except that it has different removal that should be activated in different ways.

I do not think a Gameplay guide or a matchup guide for this deck is necessary, and in case you want to go deeper in learning Control Warrior, there are tons and tons of Control Warrior guides in this website, and you can find all of them here:


I recommend going for Falathar’s “Mastering the Control Warrior” guide series, as they seem to be the most updated Control Warrior guides we have in this website, and probably the best ones you’ll find in the internet up to this date.


Mulligan for this deck is slightly different since it has a lot of 1-ofs, so i’ll talk separately about this here. Basically you should keep almost anything between 4-cost and 1-cost cards, with the following exceptions:

  • revenge – Only keep against Paladins and Hunters.
  • shield-slam – Only keep if you also have Shield Block or Bash.
  • shield-block – Only keep if you also have Shield Slam, or against Hunters at all times.
  • big-game-hunter – Never keep.
  • piloted-shredder – Only keep if you have The Coin.


And I believe this covers everything I wanted to say right now about this deck. 

Control Warrior got yet another huge boost this expansion with both reno-jackson and fierce-monkey holding hands, making the whole deck look a lot different than it used to.

I hope you guys are able to win as much games as I do with this deck, that has been an absolute beast in the Legendary Ladder for me, and it should be for you too!

I will try to push for top 10 Legend tomorrow with this deck, i’ll keep you guys updated with my progress if I make any!

Love you guys, see you around with LoE’s next brews!

Take Care, Highlanders!

Nuba <3