Impbalming is the newest Warlock Spell revealed for Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum expansion

Pint-sized evil with a side of destruction.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Today is a great day for Hearthstone fans and an even better day for Warlock players.

The Hearthstone team just revealed a new Warlock card coming with Saviors of Uldum, Impbalming.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you think the name of the card is morbid, just wait until we see the impact it can have in game. Impbalming is a four-cost Warlock spell that allows you to destroy a minion. As if that wasn’t enough, Impbalming also allows you to shuffle three Worthless Imp cards into your deck.

Worthless Imp is a one cost 1/1 Demon minion. If Impbalming is any indication, it looks like we can expect the Demon archetype to return for Warlock in a big way. We know that Saviors of Uldum will be reviving some old mechanics such as Quests, but it looks like the set may be breathing life into a few old archetypes as well.

You can check out Impbalming and all the new toys when Saviors of Uldum goes live on Aug. 6.