Hunter weapon Stormhammer revealed for Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons expansion

Go for face.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment gave YouTuber Trump exclusive access to reveal the newest Hearthstone Descent of Dragons card, Stormhammer.

Trump gave the Hearthstone community an enjoyable reveal experience today. The YouTuber put on a dapper black suit, brought out his keyboard, and serenaded fans with an ode to the Hunter weapon.

Stormhammer is a three-cost Hunter weapon with three Attack and two Durability. The hammer fits right into the Descent of Dragons with its ability that prevents the weapon from losing Durability while you control a Dragon.

With the heavy emphasis on the leathery-winged fiends in this expansion, Hunter decks will easily be able to maintain Stormhammer’s effect as they wipe out enemy minions or go directly for face. Pairing the hammer with low-cost Dragons and using Hunter’s Hero Power, Steady Shot, will allow players to take out their opponent in the early game.

Descent of Dragons will release on Dec. 10, but players can pre-purchase it on Blizzard’s website beforehand. Players have the option to pre-order a Standard Package, which is $50 for 60 packs, or a pricier $80 Mega Bundle that comes with 100 packs and a new Hero.