Burn down your opponents with Odd Quest Warrior

This deck features Taunts and Rush and Echo, oh my!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s been almost two weeks since The Witchwood expansion was released, giving players plenty of time to develop their ideal deck for the new meta, such as the new Odd Quest Warrior.

One card that has fit into many of these new decks is Baku the Mooneater, a card that necessitates you build a specific style of deck for it to work. It’s because of Baku that Odd Quest Warrior has risen in prominence.

Screenshot via [DisguisedToast.com](https://disguisedtoast.com/decklists/3696-witchwood-baku-control-warrior)

The idea of this deck is to build up a wall of taunts in the early game to both keep you alive and build towards your quest. Once you complete the quest you are given immense damage in your new Hero Power. This specific deck is played by popular Hearthstone pro Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen.

The reason that Baku fits into this deck is because in the early game you are not dealing much damage to your opponent due to being focused on playing taunts for your quest. If your opponent is able to kill your taunts, you need other ways to stay alive. Baku helps with that because your Hero Power goes from giving you only two armor to generating four armor every time you use it. This is a lot of armor that you can theoretically gain every turn and is great in keeping your health total high.

Your main board control cards come in the form of: Reckless Fury (since you are able to generate a lot of armor), Darius Crowley (a great tool for taking down weaker minions while getting stronger at the same time), and Brawl (the classic removal tool for Warrior). These cards, alongside your improved Hero Power, will keep you alive to reach the late game where you will have the power to burn down your opponent’s health.

If you do not have King Mosh or some of the other cards, you can swap them out for either more Taunts to work towards your quest or cards that will help you survive longer. One card that you could consider including is Blackwald Pixie. This card can work as a double-threat because either it will help you survive by allowing you to gain eight armor with your improved Hero Power, or you can deal 16 damage with it in the late game after you have played Sulfuras (the reward you earn from completing the quest).

Odd Quest Warrior works well in the meta because you have useful ways to prevent being overwhelmed by an Aggro deck due to your Hero Power. You can also match late-game Control decks with removal tools and the burn provided by your Quest Hero Power.

This deck requires some patience to play since it requires turns where you just use your Hero Power and then end your turn, but the payoff is absolutely worth the wait. Few things feel better in Hearthstone than using your Hero Power to deal eight damage to your opponents face.