The Hearthstone team is looking at potential balance changes

A new meta has brought in new problems.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Witchwood has been out for close to a month now and the meta is starting to solidify. With this new meta a few problematic decks have been introduced, causing players to voice their concerns about the state of these decks.

Hearthstone community manager Jesse Hill took to the forums today to explain that the development team has seen the community’s concerns and are looking at potential changes to some of the most powerful decks. He did not say which cards or classes specifically will be targeted for changes, only that the team is taking in all feedback and will share the details of the changes later.

Hill also said that the changes would not go into effect until after the Hearthstone Championship Tour playoffs wrap up this month. This is because they don’t want to completely change the meta and have players be greatly affected by the balancing.

The forum post comes a day after Hearthstone’s Senior Game Designer, August Dean “Iksar” Ayala, commented on potential changes to cards in Wild on Reddit. Specifically, he spoke about changes to Naga Sea Witch, a card that has risen in popularity since the new expansion, engaging the community in a discussion about balance changes.

In that discussion, Iksar also said that the team is looking at changes to Sunkeeper, Call to Arms, Baku Paladin Hero Power, Spiteful, Lackey, Gul’dan, Dark Pact, Librarian, Quest Rogue, and Doomguard.

Hill’s forum post today could be referencing changes to the cards that Iksar listed. They are some of the most problematic cards in the most popular decks. Though changes may not be made to all of them, a significant number could be impacted. This would flip the current meta on its head and cause players to think up new decks to play.