High Aggro Paladin

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder and Hearthstone player, Recently there has been a large increase in the amount of people playing Aggro Paladin decks although the deck type has been around since the start of the game, it has gained massive popularity since its strength over other Aggro Type decks. […]

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder and Hearthstone player, Recently there has been a large increase in the amount of people playing Aggro Paladin decks although the deck type has been around since the start of the game, it has gained massive popularity since its strength over other Aggro Type decks. I thought that I would have a go putting my own personal taste onto the deck archetype.

Aggro Paladin is extremely toxic to play and extremely simple to play you just need to rush for the enemy hero in order to win before they can get any control over you.

Once again with Hunters being recently Nerfed this maybe is the reason for the increase in play.

This deck is extremely fast paced and you will never have a turn wasted.

Deck Difficulty:  Easy

Card Explanations


This card is extremely powerful of either doing some extreme early game damage or to be able to clear large taunt threats that you need to clear. +3 Attack to a minion is not a joke and can be used in a lot of ways


A 2/1 Minion that can boost the attack of another minion on the board always use it to either clear threats or to do some extra damage to the enemy hero. Synagises well with argent-squire


1/1 Minion with Divine shield meaning you can attack an enemy or survive an attack from a minion amazingly strong if the attack is boosted to either clear a minion or to do some extra aggro damage.


2/1 Minion that does 2 Damage to the enemy hero once it has perished, don’t feel to bad for throwing these out on the board since they will almost always get value for the mana cost.


2/1 Minion that has stealth great for hiding a minion on the board for taking out a big threat.


A 2 Mana Spell that changes the health of ALL minions to 1 be careful about using this against certain classes like Priest who have good AOE clear, best used with consecration


A 2 mana 2/1 minion with charge either charge preferably into there face or into there minion if you need to clear it. – Nothing more to say.


A 2 mana 2/1 minion with silence use it to get rid of taunts so you can rush into there face. – Nothing more to say.


A 3 mana spell card that allows you to draw the amount of cards more then your opponent has, for example if you had 3 cards and your opponent has 7 you would draw 4 cards. Amazing to combo with king-mukla


A 3 mana minion with 5/5 stats but it does give your opponant 2 spell cards that give a minion 1 attack and 1 health be careful when you play this best to play when the board is empty and to combo it with divine-favor


A 3 Mana 3/1 minion with charge, once again preferably aim for the face – Nothing more to say.


A 4 mana weapon which has 4 attack and 2 durability, with this deck you want to aim for the enemy hero, it also heals you for 2 health every time you attack with the weapon.


A 4 mana spell card that does 2 attack to all enemies, including the enemy hero. Best played after you have played equality as a extremely toxic removal combo.


A 4 mana spell card that does 3 damage to an enemy and also draws you a card, use it on the enemy hero or on a enemy minion.


it wouldn’t be an Aggro deck without him, pretty much use him in combination with blessing-of-might in order to finish your opponent off its not really complicated.


A 6 mana spell card that does 8 damage split between the enemies you can use it as a nuke to the face – think of it as a buffed up fireball or to clear the board after an equality

Easy Difficulty Matchups

Miracle Rogue

One of the easiest match up you can play against, if he tries to draw his deck you can use your Divine Favor to deny him the card advantage just rush for the face and Equality + Consecration anything threatening like his Gadgetzan Auctioneer you should out damage him if you just aim for the face, he won’t be able to control your massive output of minions.

Rush Hunter (Insert Derogatory Term Here)

This matchup is easy now with the UTH Nerf there really isn’t much to worry about, you out damage him now and he shouldn’t really be able to contest with your large amount of damage just be careful about playing too many minions as he still may attempt to combo you with UTH.

Aggro Decks In General

Other variants on Aggro decks, IE Warrior Aggro, etc.

Medium Difficulty Matchups

Zoo Warlock

This is a fair matchup  his Knife Juggler can be a pain occasionally you should outdamage him and don’t forget in order for him to draw cards he has to loose health and the lower the health of the enemy hero the easier it is for you to finish him. Just use Divine Favor if he attempts to gain an card advantage

Trap Hunter

Although quite rare, this deck type can be a massive pain, Freezing Trap makes your life a pain,  its not that hard of a match up but It can be very annoying to play against when you finally do come across it especially early game just be careful about flooding the board with Minions and watch out for the UTH.

Hard Difficulty Matchups

Ramp Druid

Ramp Druid is a hard matchup, it can be a pain to deal with the early Innervate Yeti combo he has a lot of taunts and your only way of removing them is by using your Ironbeak Owl or by using your Equality + Consecration combo just hope for the best and rush him fast, before he can put any large minions onto the board with huge taunts.

Shaman Control

Shaman Control is extremely hard to deal with, However, they need to be much more careful about there tempo as clearing the board can set them back due to the overload mechanic, Lightning Storm will hurt you badly and his ability to be able to pull a taunt minion using his Hero power can be a nightmare good luck in this match up – You will need it.

Control Warrior

Control Warrior is extremely hard to deal with, since they have the ability to do Whirlwind which does 1 damage to all minions on the board which can be devastating for you and it allows them to buff up there defenses to get to the late game where they will crush you, just aim for the face and hope for the best.

Ancient Watcher Priest

Yes my own personal priest deck absolutely destroys this deck, the Ancient Watchers crush you if you attempt to silence them due to the face that if silenced they can attack the sustain and board wipe from a priest is extremely dangerous. The only good thing you can do is as soon as they attempt to play a big minion you can destroy it using your Equality + Consecration combo but unless the priest gets a bad start you have lost this matchup.

Final Thoughts

Aggro Paladin is a deck type that is easy to play and can often lead to great quick victories it excels at completing quests and climbing the rank ladder quickly due to the fact that you will win more times then you loose. It can also be a nice change of pace if you primarily play control type decks like myself.