Hearthstone’s official Twitter teases “a storm is coming” next week

Nazjatar or something more?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Put your detective hats on, Hearthstone fans, because we have a mystery on our hands.

Last month, a number of prominent Hearthstone personalities were invited to Blizzard to test “something.” Based on the teaser posted by the official Hearthstone Twitter account today, it looks like we’ll find out what that something is sooner than later.

The only thing for certain about the teaser is that more information will be revealed on March 17 at 11am CT. But thanks to the imagery and caption, which says “a storm is coming,” we can take a few guesses as to what the Hearthstone team has in store.

The GIF shows a storm brewing over what appears to be an underwater area. As cards float by, we see a large platform, as well as a stone Murloc statue, a statue of Medivh, and a statue of Lunara. If the Murloc is Morgl, that means all of these statues are playable characters in Hearthstone. Shaman players are probably praying this is an underwater-themed Murloc heavy expansion—and it honestly could be.

Though Hearthstone doesn’t follow the World of Warcraft storyline side by side, we’ve seen the games play off each other recently. Last year, Hearthstone introduced the Rastakhan Hero Portrait right around the same time players were meeting Rastakhan in the Battle for Azeroth WoW expansion. The above GIF will remind anyone who played through BFA of the underwater world, Nazjatar.

Nazjatar is the capital city of the Naga race and is ruled by Queen Azshara. In BFA, Nazjatar acted as a new quest hub for players and was the launching point for the Eternal Palace raid. After players defeat Queen Azshara, she scurries away into a void portal leading to parts unknown.

If Hearthstone continues to skirt alongside the active WoW storyline, it’s possible that the next expansion may be Nazjatar themed. If the reveal on March 17 is for a Nazjatar-themed expansion, get ready to see plenty of Murlocs and Nagas. Since the caption of the tweet hints at a storm, perhaps the post is referencing trouble with the Thunder King and the Throne of the Elements. This teaser could also be for some kind of top-secret new game mode, but an underwater-themed expansion seems more likely.

You can solve the mystery for yourself when Blizzard makes the announcement on March 17 on YouTube and Twitch.