Hearthstone’s next expansion is United In Stormwind

The expansion will go live on Aug. 3.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone players have spent the past few months making their way through the home of the Horde, the Barrens. But today, Hearthstone’s next expansion was revealed, United In Stormwind—and it’ll take fans to the home of the Alliance.

Hearthstone’s most recent expansion has seen players using cards inspired by the citizens of the Barrens. One of the most iconic places in Hearthstone’s parent game World of Warcraft, the Barrens is located in Kalimdor and is the heart of the Horde. Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion will take fans across the sea to the Eastern Kingdoms where they’ll find the home of the Alliance, Stormwind.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Similar to how Forged in the Barrens contained cards inspired by life in Kalimdor as a member of the Horde, it looks like United In Stormwind aims to showcase members of the Alliance. United In The Barrens will include 135 new cards and a host of new features.

United In Stormwind will introduce a keyword called Tradeable. Cards that are Tradeable can be dragged back into your deck for one mana. You can then draw another card that could be more useful in the moment. You can expect Tradeable cards to have a huge impact on the meta when they join Standard alongside United In Stormwind.

The new expansion will also introduce Questline cards. Players will start the match with Questline cards in hand and completing each step will result in a small reward. If you complete every step of the Questline, a Mercenary will join you in the form of a powerful Legendary minion.

The expansion will see the introduction of mount spells, too. These give minions a powerful buff and stick around as an actual horse minion after the original minion (the rider) is destroyed.

United In Stormwind looks like it will shake up Standard Hearthstone in the best possible way. You can check it out for yourself when the expansion goes live on Aug. 3.