Hearthstone’s new Outland Inn-vitational will have Twitch Drops

The digital card game's informal competition returns.

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard’s annual Hearthstone Inn-vitational will return with the Outland expansion on April 21.

The Hearthstone Inn-vitational is a yearly tradition for the digital card game. The event pits two teams of 10 against each other, often using the newest expansion to the game

Like previous events, this Inn-vitational will take 20 well known Hearthstone players and split them into two teams of 10: the Salty Satyrs and the Feisty Fiends.

Blizzard introduced a new format this year called the Demon Hunter Duel-fest. Both teams will face each other in four rounds of best-of-three matches. Each player represents a class and will continue to play as that class, but on rounds two and four, all players will play as the Demon Hunter. 

Scoring is relatively straightforward. Each match is worth two points. The winners of the best-of-three matches will earn points for their team. At the end of all four rounds, the team with the most points wins. Prizes include $100,000, $6,500 for each player on the winning team, $3,500 for all players, and an extra $1,000 for the three highest scoring players. 

Players will stream the event on their Twitch channels from their homes while the official Hearthstone Twitch channel will also have live coverage.

Speaking of Twitch, this Inn-vitational will feature Twitch Drops for viewers. Watching two hours total will earn viewers one Ashes of Outland card pack. Viewers that watch four hours will earn a second card pack. The hours do not need to be consecutive, but viewers’ Battle.net account needs to be linked to their Twitch account. 

The event is set to begin April 21 at 9am PT.