Hearthstone’s Fractured in Alterac Valley reward track details revealed

New goodies are on the way.

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One of the many features to look forward to about Hearthstone’s upcoming Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion is its new reward track.

Recently the Hearthstone team gave everyone a preview of what to expect from the upcoming track.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’re currently panicking because you haven’t finished the current reward track, fear not. When the new reward track releases alongside Fractured in Alerac Valley on Dec. 7, players who haven’t finished the current track will automatically get all of their missing rewards. Additionally, if you purchased the tavern pass track, you’ll get all of the paid rewards as well.

Once you’ve received all your rewards from the old track, you’ll be introduced to the track for Fractured in Alterac Valley. This track will include packs from the new expansion as well as packs that contain cards that are only playable in Standard. It also contains two random Legendaries and one random Epic, as well as a Vanessa VanCleef Mercenary card—but that’s not all.

You’ll be able to earn 14 uncraftable Golden cards, including the Legendary minion, Lokholar, the Ice Lord. The track also contains Horde and Alliance card backs, as well as what devs describe as “a lot of Gold.” Once you’ve farmed everything you can possibly farm on the reward track, you’ll have the option of choosing one of 10 Hero skins.

Players will also be able to unlock three special Diamond Legendary cards. Both cards have specific unlock criteria that must be followed to obtain them. For Korrak the Bloodrager, players will need to purchase the tavern pass; he will be awarded to you on the rewards track. For Balinda Stonehearth, players will need to obtain 25 Fractured in Alterac Valley Legendary cards.

The third Diamond Legendary will be determined by the outcome of a special Battle for Atlerac Valley event. During the event, which is set to take place at expansion launch, players will be able to earn honor for their chosen faction.

On Jan. 11 all of the honor earned by players of both factions will be counted and compared. Every player in the game regardless of faction will then receive the faction with the most honor’s leader as a Diamond card. That means the third card will be either Drek’Thar or Vanndar.


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