Hearthstone’s Forged in the Barrens expansion now live

The home of the Horde.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Exit the Zeppelin on the platform to your left. We’ve finally made our way to the Barrens.

Arguably the most highly anticipated expansion in the history of Hearthstone, Forged in the Barrens, has arrived on the live servers today.

Announced over a month ago, Forged in the Barrens introduces a plethora of features through its 135 new collectible cards, including a new keyword, Frenzy.

Minions with Frenzy trigger a powerful effect the first time they survive damage. Frenzy won’t be the only thing new to Standard, either. From now on, players will have Spell Schools to create more unique interactions. In addition to Spell Schools, Forged in the Barrens introduces Ranked Spells. These are spells that grow in power based on the amount of mana you’ve worked up to in-game.

As if all of the new features coming with Forged in the Barrens weren’t enough, today also marks the launch of the new Core set. That means now will be one of the most unique times ever for Standard Hearthstone. If you’re interested in a meta that feels fresh and different, there couldn’t be a better time to play Hearthstone.

Hearthstone’s reward track will be refreshed today too, so you’ll have plenty of chances to dive in and earn a few freebies. The reward track has been updated to give even more rewards than it did during Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, so don’t take tracking your progress on it for granted.

You can dive into Hearthstone today to start testing your skills in the heat of the Barrens.