New update makes deck-sharing in Hearthstone a lot easier

Players will also be able to complete quests with friends.

Image via Blizzard

An upcoming Hearthstone patch is bringing two rather significant changes to the game.

In what is likely one of the most sought-after features in the game’s history, players will finally be able to share their decklists with ease from their computers to their portable devices. Prior to the coming patch, players were only able to create new decklists through the use of third-party websites—now, however, players will able to copy their decklists freely with the click of one button. A button that says “copy” will appear on any fully-stacked deck of cards in the menu, and will, once pressed, copy the contents of the decklist to the computer clipboard.

Players can then copy the highlighted strip of code to their cellphones or tablets, and Hearthstone will recognize if the code is in the clipboard once players choose to create a new deck. The game will then ask the player if they want to create the deck in question, which is generated automatically.

The new update will also allow players to complete quests with their friends. Having debuted this feature as a temporary event—under the name Friendly Feud—in 2016, and bringing it back in February 2017 for a limited run, players will now be able to complete certain quests.

“Any quests that can’t be completed as part of a Friendly Challenge aren’t eligible, such as those that require you to play vs The Innkeeper or watch a match,” Blizzard said in the announcement.

Once the update is live it’ll be the best time to craft your coolest decks, and complete all the challenges you couldn’t be bothered to beat before—this time in the company of friends.