Hearthstone team reveals player compensation for issues with Patch 15.6 and the Tavern Brawl

Free stuff coming your way.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you tried diving into a Hearthstone Tavern Brawl earlier this month and it didn’t work out, you aren’t alone.

Due to unforeseen complications with Patch 15.6, the Hearthstone team was recently forced to temporarily disable the Tavern Brawl. Patch 15.6 also presented a number of issues that made Hearthstone borderline unplayable for some people. But Blizzard has stepped forward with some welcome compensation for players whose experience may have been ruined by the patch’s bugs.

Players who downloaded Patch 15.6 between Nov. 5 and 11 will receive three Saviors of Uldum card packs. Blizzard says this is the team’s way of saying “Thank you for bearing with us.”

Players who attempted the “Brawliseum – Battle of the Bans” Tavern Brawl during its short lifespan will get a little something extra in addition to the free packs. Those who had an active Brawliseum run when the issues occurred with the Brawl will be awarded 300 gold. This is more than enough gold to make up for any that you may have spent on a faulty Tavern Brawl entry.

After realizing the Brawliseum Brawl wasn’t going to function properly, Blizzard promptly took it offline. Brawliseum was then replaced with a different Tavern Brawl called Top 3. Top 3 didn’t encounter any of the same issues as the Brawliseum and ran fine. Since the aim of a Tavern Brawl is to take the rules and mechanics of Hearthstone and flip them on their head, it probably makes the mode much more difficult to code.

Not only did Blizzard fix the issues with Patch 15.6 promptly, but the team is also compensating the player base. Blizzard continues to go above and beyond in its attempts to keep its players happy. Hearthstone fans might want to cut Blizzard some slack on this one and just enjoy their free card packs.