This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is the Battle of Tol Barad

Easy pack alert.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Get ready for some spell-laced shenanigans. This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is the Battle of Tol Barad.

If you love minion-based Brawls with a heavy dose of RNG, then you’re in for a treat. With this Brawl, the idea is that magical creatures are escaping from Tol Barad, their Azerothian prison. Each time you play a minion, you’ll get a random spell of the same cost. But it’ll be free, meaning its mana cost is changed to zero.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

This is a preconstructed Brawl, so you’ll need to do some deck building before diving in. Obviously, you’ll want to go with a list that has enough playable minions to reward you through the Brawl’s free spell mechanic.

Since the spells you get from playing minions are free, you’ll need to make sure you keep minions flowing so you don’t get outvalued by your opponent.

If you’re not a fan of methodically designing a deck for a particular Brawl and are looking for an easy route to your free pack, we suggest Zoo Lock. Even though Zoo Lock isn’t having a great time in the Standard meta right now, it has just enough minions and survivability to dominate this Brawl.

Check out this version of Zoo Lock on HSReplay to use as a building block. Since this is just for a Tavern Brawl, don’t worry about crafting what you’re missing. Instead, try to find a similar replacement.

You’ll have until next Wednesday, May 5 to win this Brawl and snag your free Year of the Phoenix card pack.