Test Your Knowledge with this Hearthstone Quiz! #2

Episode #1 Episode #2 Episode #3 Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the second episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episode, you can check it out above. Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty […]

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Hearthstone Players welcome back again for the second episode of the Hearthstone Quiz! If you haven’t seen the previous episode, you can check it out above.

Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty might be subjective, but we hope that everyone finds some challenges when doing the Quiz.

When it comes to the scoring, you can calculate your own points if you want. It’s not necessary, but if you want to see your score and compare it to other people, here is the deal. Easy questions are worth 2 points, Medium questions 3 points and Hard questions 4 points each! It means that in total, you can score up to 27 points. If the question has more than one part, you need to answer everything correctly to get the points.

We’ve also asked some the pro players from our Team HSP to answer the questions, so you can you can compare your answers with theirs. This episode features Lucky, Kabi, Hoarth and KeyoIf you want to know more about the team, check out this page.

Let’s start with Hearthstone Quiz #2!

Notice: We’re currently having issues with the spoiler tag. I will place the questions at the top and answers at the bottom. Sorry for inconvenience!

Difficulty: Easy

Question 1

Does the animal-companion trigger mirror-entity and snipe?

Question 2

When you equip sword-of-justice and follow it with muster-for-battle, do the Silver Hand Recruits get buffed?

Question 3

Can sacrificial-pact destroy lord-jaraxxus after he replaces a Hero?

Difficulty: Medium

Question 4

A certain minion can be executed at full health. Which one?

Question 5

When you have fel-reaver on the board, zero cards in your deck and enemy plays a card – do you take Fatigue damage from the Fel Reaver’s effect? If yes, how much (assuming you haven’t taken any Fatigue damage yet)?

Question 6

If resurrect summons a wild-pyromancer, does his effect instantly trigger?

Difficulty: Hard

Question 7

Can the card’s cost (the real cost, not the one listed on the card) be reduced below 0 mana? If yes, what is the benefit?

Question 8

Warrior is at 3 health and has armorsmith along couple of other minions on the board. Rogue uses blade-flurry while having a 3 attack weapon equipped. What happens to Warrior?

Question 9

The Paladin is at 2 health with truesilver-champion equipped. Opposing Hunter is at 4 health with explosive-trap in play. Board is empty. Paladin attacks Hunter with the weapon. What is the result of the game?


Answer to Question 1

Lucky: No.

Kabi: No.

Hoarth: No.

Keyo: No.

Answer: Keywords on both of those cards are important. Animal Companion summons a minion, while Mirror Entity and Snipe proc when enemy plays a minion. When you use Animal Companion, you don’t play a minion – the minion is summoned by the Spell’s effect.

Answer to Question 2

Lucky: Yes, it buffs all of them.

Kabi: Yes.

Hoarth: Yes.

Keyo: Yes, they do.

Answer: The order of actions on Muster for Battle is important. It summons three 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits and THEN gives you a 1/4 weapon (lights-justice). This means that while you summon them, the effect from your Sword of Justice is still there.

Answer to Question 3

Lucky: Yes.

Kabi: Yes.

Hoarth: Yes.

Keyo: Yes.

Answer: When I was still new to the game and I found this out, I couldn’t believe. Probably one of the most interesting interactions for the new players. When Lord Jaraxxus becomes a Hero, he is still classified as a Demon. And since Sacrificial Pact’s text doesn’t state that it can only target minions, you can actually instantly destroy Jaraxxus with it (and gain 5 health!). The interaction became more popular with introduction of nefarian – there is a decent chance he’s gonna give you Sacrificial Pact, so it might work as an instant game finisher against some Warlock builds.

Answer to Question 4

Lucky: I dunno, sorry, this question broke my mind.

Kabi: Spellbender.

Hoarth: Spellbender. (if that counts as a minion)

Keyo: The minion from Spellbender.

Answer: If enemy Mage has spellbender active and you try to Execute a minion, the poor 1/3 minion is gonna take that Execute at full health and die. It can also, for example, take the shadow-word-death making it the smallest minion you can kill with SW:D!

Answer to Question 5

Lucky: No, you don’t.

Kabi: No.

Hoarth: No, although you will take fatigue damage when the enemy ends his/her turn.

Keyo: Nope.

Answer: It was a common misconception when the GvG first hit and I still see some players unaware of how the Fel Reaver exactly works. The card’s effect only states that you discard top 3 cards of your deck whenever opponent plays a card. You don’t take Fatigue damage just because you don’t have any more cards to discard. If the effect stated that you draw 3 cards and then discard them, you would take Fatigue.

Answer to Question 6

Lucky: Yes.

Kabi: Yes.

Hoarth: Yes.

Keyo: Yes.

Answer: The answer is (you probably got it by now) yes. Wild Pyromancer’s effect always triggers AFTER the spell. He is summoned during the Resurrect being resolved, so by the time the spell finishes (completely resolves), he’s already on the board, thus his effect triggers and he deals 1 damage to every minion.

Answer to Question 7

Lucky: Yes, it benefits you if your opponent plays loatheb.

Kabi: Yes, but it doesn’t show. Basically emperor-thaurissan can reduce innervate to be -1, but it still counts as 0 unless you play Loatheb, at which point Innervate is a 4 mana spell.

Hoarth: Yes, although you won’t gain mana when playing them (unless it’s Coin or Innervate), you will get the full reduction if there is a minion on board that increases the cost of your cards (Loatheb, nerubar-weblord, mana-wraith).

Keyo: Yes, but unless there’s something like venture-co-mercenary on the board (or anything that makes something cost more) it won’t have an impact.

Answer: The cost visible on the card can’t be reduced below 0. But with help of certain cards like far-sight or emperor-thaurissan, you can reduce the card’s real cost below 0 mana. For example, if you reduce a minion to -1 mana cost (it shows as 0 on the card) and enemy plays mana-wraith, it still costs 0 instead of 1. If you reduce inner-rage to -2 mana and enemy plays loatheb, you can play it for 3 mana instead of 5. It works like that with any card that increases the mana cost of the cards you play. Otherwise, the card acts like any other 0 mana card.

Answer to Question 8

Lucky: Warrior dies, then gains useless armor.

Kabi: Warrior dies and has armor.

Hoarth: The warrior dies.

Keyo: RIP, he dies.

Answer: Armorsmith’s effect triggers AFTER the damage is initially applied. It means that his minions get damaged (or killed), Warrior gets reduced to 0 health and only then Armorsmith’s effect starts triggering. When everything resolves, Warrior ends up at 0 health and couple points of Armor. Since the Warrior is at 0 health, he is considered dead and he loses the game, even though he still has some Armor.

Answer to Question 9

Lucky: Paladin wins the game.

Kabi: Paladin wins.

Hoarth: Paladin wins, the heal resolves before the attack.

Keyo: Hunter dies, Paladin lives.

AnswerTruesilver Champion is gonna heal the Paladin for 2, so the game will end with a dead Hunter and Paladin alive at 2 health. Paladin can’t be considered dead mid-swing. The game checks whether he is dead or not after the action (weapon attack in this case) resolves. When Paladin swings with the Truesilver Champion, the Explosive Trap procs and reduces his health to 0, but then the attack goes through and heals Paladin for 2, resulting in no health loss at the end of whole sequence. Hunter, on the other hand, takes 4 damage from weapon and dies.


Well, well. Besides the one question that broke Lucky’s mind, everyone answered perfectly this time around. Maybe the questions were too easy or maybe our pros are too good – let’s find out once you guys post your scores!

Lucky: 24/27

Kabi: 27/27

Hoarth: 27/27

Keyo: 27/27


I want to apologize for the last episodes’s Question 9. As it turned out, it was a bug and this interaction could go either way depending on some things I didn’t know about. If you want to learn more, check out this video. I’m sorry for confusion!

This week we also have some technical difficulties and we can’t use the Spoiler tag properly – majority of people can’t click on it without getting error. I know that it can be hard to navigate between questions and answers, but we’ll try to fix everything once we know what’s going on!

So, that’s it for the episode #2. Thanks to everyone who has seen the last week and had fun with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode too. I encourage you to share your scores, questions and ideas in the comment section below 🙂

If you have any ideas for questions we can use in future, hit me up at [email protected] and if they aren’t on my list already, I’ll be sure to add them in future, giving you a credit for coming up with a question.