Test Your Knowledge with this Hearthstone Quiz! #1

Episode #1 Episode #2 Episode #3 Have you ever wanted to test your Hearthstone knowledge? Do you think you know everything about the cards, interactions and maybe even flavor texts? Then welcome to the first episode of our own Hearthstone Quiz! Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium […]

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Have you ever wanted to test your Hearthstone knowledge? Do you think you know everything about the cards, interactions and maybe even flavor texts? Then welcome to the first episode of our own Hearthstone Quiz!

Each episode is going to feature 9 questions divided into 3 categories – Easy, Medium and Hard. It’s not perfect, because question difficulty might be subjective, but we hope that everyone finds some challenges when doing the Quiz.

When it comes to the scoring, you can calculate your own points if you want. It’s not necessary, but if you want to see your score and compare it to other people, here is the deal. Easy questions are worth 2 points, Medium questions 3 points and Hard questions 4 points each! It means that in total, you can score up to 27 points. If the question has more than one part, you need to answer everything correctly to get points.

We’ve also asked some of our pro players to answer the questions, so you can you can compare your answers with theirs. This episode features Hoarth and Kabi.

Let’s start with Hearthstone Quiz #1!

Difficulty: Easy

Question 1. What happens when you use crazed-alchemist‘s Battlecry on a minion with 0 attack (e.g. doomsayer)?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 1″]

Hoarth: It dies.

Kabi: Dies unless there is a passive buff aura that would give him an extra life as it gets swapped, like the old blood-imp.

Answer: Since you change the minion’s health to 0, it instantly dies.[/spoiler]


Question 2. When you Silence the ancient-of-war in Rooted form (+5 Health and Taunt), he becomes a 5/5 minion. What happens when you silence druid-of-the-claw in Bear Form (+2 Health and Taunt)?


Hoarth: It becomes a 4/6, non taunted.

Kabi: Stays the same minus Taunt, as it is not a buff, but a card replacement.

Answer: When it comes to the Ancient of War, the +5 Attack or Health is considered a buff, thus it goes away when Silenced. With Druid of the Claw, both forms are different minions, not buffs. The Bear Form is a 4/6 minion with Taunt, so it stays a 4/6 and only the Taunt gets removed.[/spoiler]


Question 3. If a minion that already attacked this turn is given Windfury (for example by windspeaker or enhance-o-mechano) – can it attack one more time?


Hoarth: Yes.

Kabi: Yes.

Answer: Yes, it can. [/spoiler]


Difficulty: Medium

Question 4. Is there a minion that can attack more than 2 times per turn?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 4″]

Hoarth: Yes – V-07-TR-0N.

Kabi: Voltron.

Answer: When it comes to collectible minions, there is none. But if you meet the conditions on mimirons-head, at the start of your next turn you spawn v-07-tr-0n – a minion with Mega-Windfury. He is able to attack 4 times per turn. [/spoiler]


Question 5. Does Spell Power (on Paladin’s side) affect damage dealt by the eye-for-an-eye Secret?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 5″]

Hoarth: No.

Kabi: Yes, damage Secrets are affected by Spell Power. For example, explosive-trap does 3 damage if you have a bloodmage-thalnos in play.

Answer: Since the Secrets are considered Spells, their damage is affected by the Spell Power. What’s worth noting is that the Spell Power bonuses are counted when the Secret is procced, not when it’s used.[/spoiler]


Question 6. Under what conditions a minion with Stealth gets unstealthed – when it receives damage, deals damage or both?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 6″]

Hoarth: Deals damage.

Kabi: Minions do not get unstealthed when they take damage, they get unstealthed when they do damage.

Answer: Minions only lose Stealth once they deal damage to something: by attacking it, by being attacked and hitting it back (e.g. by ogre-brute missing the original target and attacking minion in Stealth) or by their effects. Popping a Divine Shield is also considered as dealing damage. So, for example, if you holy-nova enemy stranglethorn-tiger, it stays in Stealth. But if you Stealth your knife-juggler and play another minion, activating the card’s ability, Knife Juggler gets out of Stealth because he has dealt damage with its effect.[/spoiler]


Difficulty: Hard

Question 7. Both you and your enemy are at 1 health with an empty board. You’re out of cards in the deck and will take fatigue damage with next card draw. You drop knife-juggler followed by novice-engineer. Who wins the game?


Hoarth: It is a tie.

Kabi: It’s a draw, the juggle will resolve, but so will the Battlecry.

Answer: Both of the actions are triggered when you play a minion – Novice Engineer. It means that minion completely resolves only after both the juggle (dealing 1 damage to enemy) and card draw (taking fatigue damage). By the time the minion is resolved, you and your enemy are dead, so the game ends in a draw, meaning that no one wins it.[/spoiler]


Question 8. When Warrior attacks a minion with a 1/1 gorehowl, does it become a 0/1 weapon or it gets destroyed? If it becomes 0/1, can Warrior attack with it again?

[spoiler title=”Answer to Question 8″]

Hoarth: It becomes a 0/1, and the Warrior can attack with it again only if he uses something like captain-greenskin.

Kabi: It becomes a 0/1, can’t attack.

Answer: The weapon becomes 0/1, just as the Gorehowl effect states (attack gets reduced by 1). You can’t attack with characters that have 0 attack (minions, Heroes), so the Warrior is unable to attack with it. Only if the weapon gets replaced or the attack gets buffed, the Warrior can attack again. It still, however, counts for the sake of effects that require you to have an equipped weapon – like southsea-deckhand‘s Charge. [/spoiler]


Question 9. Priest steals enemy Warlock’s minion with shadow-madness and uses power-overwhelming on it. What happens to the minion after Priest ends a turn (assuming the minion didn’t die during Priest’s turn)?


Hoarth: It dies.

Kabi: Dies, it says “at the end of the turn” not “your turn”.

Answer: Blizzard never confirmed whether it’s a bug or intended behavior, but the minion actually doesn’t die. “End of turn” in card’s text means “end of owner’s turn” in this context. Priest used Shadow Madness on a minion, then Power Overwhelming. “End of the turn” effects are resolved in the order which they were used. It means that Shadow Madness is resolved first, returning the minion to Warlock. Then, Power Overwhelming doesn’t kill the minion, because the current owner is Warlock, and it’s not the end of his turn yet. Warlock can still attack with the minion one time and only at the end of his turn the minion dies.


As it has been found out recently, the outcome depends on whether you are the dominant player or not. I’ve never heard of this before, even though I’ve been reading about the in-game interactions a lot, thus the confusion around the question. You can find out more by watching this video.[/spoiler]


Our pro team did pretty well in this episode. The only question that was tough for them was Question 9. But since the interaction might be bugged, making a mistake is understandable. The final score looks as follows:

Hoarth: 20/27

Kabi: 23/27


That’s it for the first episode of Hearthstone Quiz. I encourage you to share your scores, questions and ideas in the comment section below 🙂

If you have any ideas for questions we can use in future, hit me up at [email protected] and if they aren’t on my list already, I’ll be sure to add them in future, giving you a credit for coming up with a question.