Hearthstone pro Zalae suspended from future events following abuse allegations

Zalae has not yet made a public statement regarding his suspension.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has suspended Paul “Zalae” Nemeth from competing in all Hearthstone esports events, the company announced today.

Nemeth is facing allegations of abuse from his former girlfriend and fellow streamer, lidlRini. In a TwitLonger posted on Jan. 18, lidlRini alleged that Nemeth was physically abusive toward her during their last physical meeting.

The allegations made against Nemeth include claims that he repeatedly taunted lidlRini with his body posture, acted as if he was going to strike her, tightly held her wrists while yelling at her, and eventually forced her down onto a bed with a pillow over her face.

LidlRini claims she tried to explain to Nemeth on “10 to 13 occasions” that his behavior was scaring her, but it was to no avail. This resulted in lidlRini allegedly slapping Nemeth on the arm two times as a way to convey the seriousness of her fear.

This is when Nemeth allegedly snapped and forcefully dragged lidlRini into their bedroom. LidlRini claims Nemeth then put a pillow over her face and was suffocating her until he stopped after she managed to yell that she couldn’t breathe.

LildlRini claims she was instructed by Nemeth to leave his home the day after these events because he allegedly felt she was abusive. She claims that before this event, Nemeth was emotionally abusive and showed her no respect during their time together.

After reviewing the allegations made against Nemeth, Blizzard has decided to suspend him from all Hearthstone esports events. Nemeth has not yet made a public statement regarding his suspension.