Hearthstone Players Showmatch: JulpaFTW vs RaFive

HSP writers decided to get together and compete one another, record the matches and have post match analysis. First match was between Julpa and Ra-V!

About a week ago LightsOutAce came up with a great idea – let’s have Hearthstone Players contributors compete against one another in a variety of showmatches! A bunch of us thought this was a great idea, and last weekend the first match was born.

The video above shows the match between JulpaFTW and RaFive (Ra-V). The format was modeled after the ESL Legendary Series Format, and LightsOutAce explained it as follows:

“These matches will be played in the ESL tournament format. It is a best-of-5 where the players prepare three decks, and play them in a pre-set order against their opponents for the first three games, and then choose which of their decks they want to use for games four and five. So basically, it’s three blind pick matches, then the players play whatever they want from those 3 decks if a game 4 and 5 are required. This format produces more ladder-style decks, which I believe are most helpful to the average viewer.”

Ace & I both got together (small world right?) and commentated on the matches as they were going. We had a blast spectating and thanks again to JulpaFTW and Ra-V for offering their time to be filmed!

More to Come!

We don’t plan on stopping here, in fact this weekend at 8:00 PM CET Katy is going to be streaming an EU based showmatch. More details can be found here, don’t miss it!

What do you think of the format? How did you like the matches? Let us know in the comments!

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