Hearthstone players annoyed by the game’s performance on mobile

Has your game been acting strange lately?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the best things about Hearthstone is the plethora of devices you’re able to play it on. But now, a ton of players are reporting a variety of bugs when attempting to play the game on mobile.

The most common issue being reported by mobile users appears to be random disconnects. Over the past week on Reddit, numerous posts have detailed issues that players recently faced that seem to be exclusive to the mobile client. Although disconnecting from a game at random is an issue most mobile games have from time to time, players feel that it’s happening more often in Hearthstone since the last update.

Android users appear to be having an even more difficult time with the update, too. Some Android users are experiencing constant crashes and freezes, according to a thread on the official Blizzard forums. Although the post was made 15 days ago, multiple users are sounding off in the comments every other hour to report the same issue. Some players have said they even feel the crashes begin to happen more frequently over time.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Users on the thread have a wide variety of Android phones with different versions of the software. This means the issue isn’t connected to a particular version of the Android operating system. The thread gained so much attention that Blizzard employees chimed in twice. Most recently, an employee gave an update yesterday on a fix for the issue, which is said to be in the works.

Mobile Hearthstone players are also expressing anger that there’s no estimated fix date. Many players say they have spent money on Arena runs that were planned for mobile and sabotaged by disconnects. For a full rundown of the Android-specific issue or to report it yourself, you can check out the entire thread here.