Now you can play digital card game Hearthstone on your phone

The wait is over

The wait is over. With very little fanfare or warning, Hearthstone is now available on iPhone and Android.

After teasing us at PAX East last month with screenshots of a mobile version, Blizzard promised that a phone release was soon. But very few people anticipated just how soon.

An update to the iOS client expanding its support from tablets to mobile devices is already live, while the Google Play Store for Android users should push a similar update any minute.

With Hearthstone expanding first to tablets and now to phones, it’s perfectly situated for massive growth of an already massive player base. At the end of last year Blizzard reported 25 million unique players so far.

Unlike many cross-platform games, all platforms are able to play against each other.

That is really the best part—the functionality is the same no matter what version you play. You still have access to your own card collection and your carefully constructed decks. Even if you don’t trust the 3G on your commute to stay stable at a crucial point in a match, you can open packs, check your collection, or even spectate your friend’s games.

Blizzard will be hoping that this is the final phase of making Hearthstone a truly massive casual game. But you can bet it won’t be long before we see a mobile tournament in the pro scene.

 H/T PC Gamer | Image via Blizzard