Rogue gets a weapon augmentation in Knights of the Frozen Throne

Could this revive weapon play in Rogue?

Ever since Blade Flurry was nerfed, weapons have taken kind of a backseat in the Rogue class. Assassin’s Blade, once a card always on the cusp of the meta, has rarely been seen since.

Blizzard is once again trying to change that, with a card that adds some extra juice to your dagger.

Vampiric Poison gives whatever weapon you have equipped at the time Lifesteal. That means that for every point of damage that weapon does, that much health will be restored to your hero.

This card will immediately draw comparisons with Envenom Weapon, a card added in Journey to Un’Goro, that gave your weapon Poisonous. Some thought that card was really quite good and would see play—even after it was confirmed it did not work with Blade Flurry. Sadly the card never took off, perhaps due to the high mana investment required.

Maybe at two mana, however, Vampiric Poison is a bit more palatable. It’s easier to cycle in a Miracle variant, however rare those are. But is Lifesteal as good as Poisonous? Not really on the face of it—but there are still over 100 cards to come. Maybe there are some powerful interactions we aren’t seeing yet.