Next Hearthstone expansion announced in one week

The announcement of the announcement has finally been announced.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s latest expansion will be announced next week, exactly three months after the release of Journey to Un’Goro.

The announcement will take place next Friday, July 7, as part of the Hearthstone Spring Championship in Shanghai, China.

In terms of hard news about the new expansion that’s all there is. The theme for the set hasn’t been revealed or even teased. Details on that, and potentially some initial card reveals, will be part of the announcement next Friday.

Though it is unlikely, Ben Brode and Mike Donais may well throw out some hints during a live Q&A stream later today.

Under the previous structure, this expansion would be a smaller adventure card set. Last year One Night in Karazhan was released on August 11. Starting with the new Standard year however, the Year of the Mammoth, all expansions are full 130 or so card sets.

Free single player missions akin to the adventure format will be included as part of the new expansion for the first time.

An August release seems very likely, given that April, August, and December have traditionally been the expansion release months. With the Un’Goro meta become nearly solved, many players will be eagerly anticipating the shakeup.