Hearthstone delays upcoming Mercenary mode, to host dedicated stream in fall

More time is needed to fine tune the mode, but a finished product is better than a rushed one.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard teased an upcoming look at the second expansion in Hearthstone’s Year of the Gryphon today. While the expansion is expected to be Alliance-themed to match the Horde’s Forged in the Barrens set, fans of the upcoming Mercenary mode were hoping for potential updates on the new way to play Hearthstone.

But Blizzard announced that the Mercenary mode that was expected to be launched within the Forged in the Barrens cycle is being pushed back to be added within a later phase of the Year of the Gryphon. Mercenary mode is expected to have both PvP and PvE elements and take inspiration from the popular roguelike Slay the Spire. Outside of that, not too many gameplay details have been revealed aside from screengrabs.

“Separately, we know you’re eager to learn more about Hearthstone Mercenaries,” Blizzard said. “While we’re very excited with how things are coming together, we need more time to implement all the awesome content we’ve planned for the mode. As such, we’re now expecting Hearthstone Mercenaries to be released in Phase 2 of the Year of the Gryphon and won’t be quite ready to share details on the mode during the stream on July 1.”

While Mercenary mode is looking to be released in the next expansion, a dedicated Hearthstone Mercenaries information stream will occur this fall.

Hearthstone fans still have Thursday, July 1 to look forward to since details for the next expansion will be revealed then.