31 October 2017 - 15:36

New video shows the most insane Hearthstone combos for each class

Finally, something Hunter is the best at.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A new video from one of Hearthstone's mad YouTube scientists shows off possibly the craziest collections of combos from the game ever.

"HysteriA", the brain behind the Hearthstone Mythbusters series, has produced a video showing the biggest one turn combo available for each of the game's nine classes. And it's nuts.

It starts off reasonably enough, with a Malygos Druid combo, a Shaman Leeroy Windfury abomination, and some creative use of Razor Petals for Rogue.

When it comes to Warlock, HysteriA had to get creative. Warlock doesn't have a ton of direct damage options, so he had to find another option. He turned to a new card: Treachery. After creating a Frankenstein's monster of an Unlicensed Apothecary, and using Violet Illusionist to stop from dying himself, HysteriA gives the Apothecary to his opponent.

After using Leeroy Jackson to summon some Whelps and cause some Apothecary ticks, HysteriA casts Twisting Nether. That causes a full board of Apothercaries to be summoned, each triggering six times and doing 236 total damage.

Priest with Prophet Velen can do over 4000 damage—but it's Hunter that takes the top spot.

It's all because of Gahz'rilla. With Baron Rivendare, Feign Death, and a ton of Deathrattles and whirlwind effects, the fearsome creature does 122,882 damage. This isn't even the peak of its power—Reddit users have pointed out that it can go even higher, with one reporting over 160,000 damage being achieved.

HysteriA's channel is full of crazy Hearthstone plays that you can only dream of, but this compilation might top them all.

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