Hearthstone’s ‘Choose Your Champion’ is back for the HCT Summer Championship

You can earn free packs by playing.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone’s fantasy sports game Choose Your Champion is back for the Hearthstone Championship Tour Summer Championship.

Players can choose one HCT Summer Championship competitor to root for during the tournament, earning card packs with the player’s victories. Once a player has been picked, it’s locked in for the duration of the tournament. The selection window opened on Oct. 4 and will continue through Oct. 11.

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Card packs will be awarded as the chosen player moves through the tournament toward victory, so choosing the right player is very important.

The HCT Summer Championship begins Oct. 13 at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. Sixteen players from across the world will compete for a $250,000 prize pool and a place at the Hearthstone World Championship.

Separated into four groups of four players each, the dual-tournament format will continue until eight players remain. The tournament then enters its single-elimination bracket, and eventually, a champion will be named. Among the participants are Pavel Beltukov from Russia, Ryan “PurpleDrank” Murphy-Root from Canada, Zheng “OmegaZero” Lin from China, and Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo from South Korea.

Prizes from the Choose Your Champion game will be delivered a few days after each win.