Hearthstone Battlegrounds is Blizzard’s new autobattler

There's a new autobattler in town.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is taking inspiration from games like Teamfight Tactics and Dota Auto Chess to introduce Hearthstone Battlegrounds, an eight-player autobattler.

Since the new mode was just announced at BlizzCon, there isn’t much information available about it yet. The game will pit eight players against each other until there’s one player left standing. The game will have 24 playable Heroes, which means it’ll probably play similarly to a Special Hero Tavern Brawl.

Check out the trailer below for a preview of which Heroes from Hearthstone’s past you can expect to see in the new mode.

Like any autobattler, the reveal trailer says fans will get to recruit armies and watch them fight. This means there will probably be a less straightforward playstyle to this brand of Hearthstone. Instead of playing out like a regular game of Hearthstone, it looks like card placement and recruitment will go hand in hand with RNG to make for a unique experience.

Attendees who are on the floor at BlizzCon will be able to take the new mode for a spin later today. Early access will begin on Nov. 5 and last until Nov. 11. The global open beta for Hearthstone Battlegrounds will begin on Nov. 12.


Taylor Cusick