Here are all of the rewards you can earn from Hearthstone Arena

Learn about all of the potential goodies you can win.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

One of the best things about Hearthstone compared to other card games is all the different ways you can play.

One of the most popular game modes in Hearthstone is Arena. Unlike the Standard and Wild formats, players build their deck at the beginning of a run using a random selection of cards. Players choose from over 30 different selections of cards until they have a full 30-card deck.

Players then have matches against other competitors who just crafted their deck in the same manner. You’ll play in the Arena until you’ve suffered three losses or claimed 12 victories. After hitting either of these thresholds, you’ll be granted a variety of rewards based on the number of wins you receive. The more you win, the better your rewards.

Also unlike the Standard and Wild game modes, the Arena requires a buy-in to play. Each time you join the Arena, it’ll cost you either 150 gold or $1.99. If you’re new to Hearthstone and can’t play Arena, it’s probably because you haven’t unlocked all of the classes yet. This is due to the randomness associated with classes when playing Arena.

If you’re interested in knowing exactly what type of rewards you can potentially receive in the Arena, take a look at the charts below.

Screengrab via Hearthstone Wiki
Screengrab via Hearthstone Wiki