2 June 2016 - 21:14

Hearthlytics Releases All Players: Suspends Operations

Faced with trouble incentivizing the players and pleasing sponsors at the same time, Hearthlytics has suspended operations.
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Today, RJ of Hearthlytics announced through a TwitLonger post that the team would be releasing all players and suspending all Hearthstone operations. 

This occurred as a result of trying to create an atmosphere where players could earn money by completing specific tasks instead of a normal monthly stipend. The post explains, "This is where we went wrong. We created a scenario where professionals who were interested in being the best they can be at a craft were suddenly doing outside-game or uncompetitive related tasks too frequently for their liking.”

This leaves players who have become staples in Hearthstone tournament play without a team, including JAB, Muzzy, fr0zen, APXVoid, and chandyland. RJ stated that inevitably, the players were being stretched far too thin, which led to increased pressure from sponsors. He specifically made the point that “the sustain and long term was just not there.”

With the suspension of Hearthlytics' operations, this sees one of the scenes premier teams departing from the competitive Hearthstone arena, leaving many members of the scene saddened. There was, however, a quick mention of a rebranding and a possible expansion into a different game entirely. We wish the members of the Hearthlytics team all the best in the future and moving forward, hopefully to remain in esports.

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