Hands on: Elder Scrolls Legends @EGX

My first thoughts from hands on playing Elder Scrolls Legends by Bethesda @ EGX Birmingham 2016, is it a Hearthstone Clone?

During EGX 2016 in Birmingham, I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down to play many future possible esports titles that may find their international circuit to be a promising one. With some games out in other parts of the world with a competitive scene already, and others looking to start up and become a force once again, I want to give some of my thoughts from the time I was able to play them and how I feel they could become esports scenes in the future.

Elder Scrolls Legends – Hands on

I’m going to get this part out the way first.

Can this become an esport to rival Hearthstone?

Yes, maybe and no. It will depend on whether or not the things I have been hearing from Bethesda staff are true or not, as each one of them had their own thoughts on the matter. I honestly cannot say from the small amount of time I played the game. It seems… fine, different and the same. But an overall scene forming over it is really down to if the game does well on its own and if Bethesda want to dive into space. They don’t have to, so we wil just have to wait and see what happens. So for now…

What is the game like?

It’s Hearthstone, but unique. I mean, you can’t play any modern card game like this without linking it to Hearthstone anymore because of what the game represents. I’m going to quickly list off the differences that the game bring in to make it unique;

  • Two Fields – You fight on two separate battlefields, so placing troops to defend against one garrison while fighting on another is entirely satisfying.
  • The Game is easy – Even without much Hearthstone knowledge, I could pick this game up and play it without a worry, it was enjoyable and fun.
  • Loss of Life grants you extra draws – When you lose five of your total life, the game gifts you with an extra card draw that can help you to fight back, meaning there’s always a chance to turn a game around and win as you’ll have extra cards at your disposal. I can’t even begin to describe what a fresh and good concept this brings to battles in the end, as it means you are not at a disadvantage if the opponent deals tons of damage, providing your deck is well made of course.


I’m sure there is a lot more I missed out on and that I will get told all about it, but these were the most impressive things in the game in my opinion. I can’t wait to get this game on my tablet and be able to play it while I’m out and about. It might take time from Hearthstone, but I will endeavor to give both equal love… especially with how much money I’ve put into the game.

Anybody can download the Elder Scrolls Legends open beta now and play for free at – https://legends.bethesda.net/?locale=en

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