Get a sneak peek at four new Saviors of Uldum cards during San Diego Comic-Con

Another reason to wish you lived in California.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Its card reveal season and the new cards just keep coming.

Blizzard just announced we’ll be getting a sneak peek at four new cards during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

According to a blue post from Blizzard, the League of Explorers is coming to sunny Southern California for an unforgettable panel. This panel will feature members of Hearthstone’s development team, as well as some of the voices that help bring the game’s characters to life.

Game designer Dave Kosak will be joined by Terrence Stone (Sir Finley), Amy Walker (Elise Starseeker), and Carlos Larkin (Brann Bronzebeard) will take the stage at Comic-Con to share stories about the characters staring in Saviors of Uldum. The event will be moderated by Andrea Toyias who acts as Blizzards Senior Casting and Voice Director.

The event will focus on how the design team and voice actors work to bring Hearthstone characters to life, as well as how they find the character’s true voice during the process. If you’re not a voice acting buff, there still might be a reason you should care about this panel.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard also revealed that during this panel the team will share a sneak peek at four of the Legendary new cards coming in Saviors of Uldum. Though we really have no way of knowing just yet, one might guess there could be a card revealed relating to each of the hero classes from the new expansion.

Considering the voice actor for every member of the League of Explorers besides Reno is on the panel, a card relating to each member’s class would make sense. Game Designer Dave Kosak could take responsibility for Reno’s card since his voice actor, Travis Willingham, will probably be busy at the Con with Critical Role.

Though we can’t be sure about exactly which cards the team will preview, we can at least cross our fingers and hope they are worth the wait. If you’re fortunate enough to be attending Comic-Con, you can check out the panel Thursday, July 18, at 2pm CT. Though no stream has been announced for the event, we’ll update this story if one does.

You can check out all the cards coming to Hearthstone with Saviors of Uldum when the expansion goes live on Aug. 6.