Garrote joins Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The capital city of the Alliance opens its gates to Hearthstone fans on Aug. 3.

The latest card to join United in Stormwind is Garrote, a two-cost Rogue spell. It deals two damage to the enemy hero and shuffles three Bleeds into your deck. When the Bleeds are drawn, they each deal an additional two damage to your opponent’s face.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In theory, that’s eight damage for just two mana. Drawing the Bleeds won’t always be easy, but Garrote should still be a completely viable option in constructed.

The Rogue class already has plenty of draw mechanics in the form of cards like Swingle and Coldlight Oracle, making Garrote a reliable two-drop.

Sinister Strike, which deals three damage to the enemy hero for one mana, is often played, so why not Garrote? It’s easy to fit into almost every Rogue deck. It fits into the aggro archetype, weapon, and Miracle.

Garrote also has synergy with Grand Empress Shek’zara, which Discovers a card in your deck and draws all copies of it for six mana.

The spell can be used as finisher to burst down an opponent or to provide a steady stream of damage throughout the match. There’s a lot to like here.