GAMURS Acquires HearthStats

GAMURS is pleased to announce the acquisition of HearthStats, an analytical platform for Hearthstone that allows gamers to drastically improve their game.

GAMURS is pleased to announcethe acquisition of HearthStats, an analytical platform for Hearthstone thatallows gamers to drastically improve their game.

Jeffrey Tong, the CEO and Founder of HearthStats, providedsome excellent insight about what HearthStats has to offer theGAMURS brand.

“HearthStats will provideGAMURS concrete numbers behind their already indepth Hearthstonearticles,” Tong said. “This is something no otheresports site in theworld can provide forHearthstone. Along with this, HearthStats users will be able todive deeper into Hearthstone with the articles and explanationsfrom GAMURS experts.”

HearthStats gives users accessto vital information about their favorite virtual card game,including statistics about the top archetypes used across the worldwithin the past 12 hours. “This allows you to easily pick thedeck that would counter the majority of the decks in themeta,” Tong said.

With the acquisition ofHearthStats, GAMURS hopes to draw more Hearthstone players and fansto our Hearthstone content, both articles and live eventcoverage.

“GAMURS is doing somesuper exciting stuff for the esports community and I believeHearthStats can only grow stronger under their team,” Tongsaid. “I also fully trust Riad’s vision, sothere’s no doubt GAMURS will strive along withHearthStats.”

If you have used HearthStats inthe past, you can now look forward to that same crucial informationbeing provided under the GAMURS brand.

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