Fun (And Legendary) Lists to Try This Week!

Laaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of what is becoming a weekly series! Actually, I am still not quite sure if this should eventually become a series, but I am liking posting all these lists for you guys to play with weekly, so at least for now we’ll keep on posting them 😀 Tryhard […]


Laaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of what is becoming a weekly series! Actually, I am still not quite sure if this should eventually become a series, but I am liking posting all these lists for you guys to play with weekly, so at least for now we’ll keep on posting them 😀

Tryhard mode was activated this week: everyone playing the Last Call tournaments, the Regionals and everything else, meaning we now have a lot of fully tuned up lists! I took the liberty of researching those lists as well as getting a pair of nice and different lists that were also played in the top-end of the Regionals and aren’t very commonly played.

Dragon Handlock

We saw so many Handlocks this weekend, but the list that got my attention the most amongst all the standard Handlock lists was the Dragon Handlock list used by LegolaS in the Latin America qualifier. He went quite far in the qualifiers with it, but unfortunately wasn’t able to qualify to the Americas qualifier. However, his lists stays, and I believe its a nice starting point for those wishing to play different lists 😀

Just to try and explain the list a little: twilight-guardian makes up for the defender-of-argus loss, giving you not only another proactive play on turn 4, but also another strong minion to drop on its own that also has taunt. Corruptor also seem to be slightly better than Techs like loatheb, and while chillmaw seems to be slightly worse than dr-boom I do believe the change is for the best, since we get to use the other Dragon-Synergy cards. The Alexstrasza and the second Corruptor are there instead of the mortal-coil, which although a very good card, it is conditional and not needed since we are now running a pair of blackwing-corruptor, making the deck a lot more proactive and consistent.

The list is basically a standard Handlock, but with all the Tech slots filled with Dragon synergic cards. I am still not sure if this version is stronger than the standard Handlock, but I do like this a lot since it looks like it has a lot more proactive plays, and is also a more consistent list.

Dragon Priest

Kolento’s build was updated once again, and this time by none other than the Dragon King Brian “Brian Kibler” Kibler of Brian Kibler Gaming).

I liked this build a lot more than Kolento’s build because it does have response to the possible rise of Handlocks, as well as less Shrinkmeister+Cabal combo to make up for the Shrinking number of Secret Paladins being played.

Just to make sure, I edited his list to add the voljin back to it as well as my lovely lady eydis-darkbane. In case you want to play Kibler’s original list, go ahead and swap the Vol’Jin for loatheb and the Darkbane for the second Dark Cultist.

Face Hunter

Where is the place? It seems face is still the place with C4mlann’s latest version of Face Hunter.

This list is a lot more Face-y than other Hunter lists and runs less cards that are dead mid to late game while running other resilient cards such as argent-horserider.

There are a lot of interesting things about this list, let us start with the leeroy-jenkins as a late-game surprise burst, which is very interesting to say the least: The metagame became it so the Facehunter can no longer count on consistent damage, and being even more bursty is required in order to steal otherwise unwinnable games. Then we move on to the odd trap choice – 1 of each of the Aggressive traps – This makes it so even knowing your deck list your opponent is going to have a really really hard time playing around your secrets.

Oh, noticed the lack of flare? Well, Flare is a very Midrange-y card, and while it might be decent in Midrange decks, it is nothing but a tempo-wasting burden for Face Hunters. In case you have read my How to Beat Secret Paladin you will realise that Face Hunter wins against Secret Paladins by spamming face damage, not making trades, meaning that we don’t really care about their secrets much since most of them are only activated when we try to trade.

Freeze Mage

Well, now that is something interesting that has showed up recently.

I saw, in the European Qualifiers, a very very interesting Freeze Mage build that runs a copy of Duplicate. The card itself makes it so the otherwise unwinnable matches become somewhat better. Duplicate is a simple tech, but can completely turn a couple of games around which makes it so the card becomes a must in this metagame.

The game I watched the Freeze Mage was playing against a Patron Warrior, I don’t quite recall the name of both players, but for what I saw, the Duplicate was capable of generating more threats for the Freeze Mage than the Patron was capable of dealing with: by Duplicating either alexstrasza or archmage-antonidas you make sure to have more proactive plays later in the game than you otherwise would be supposed to.

I loved this deck, in case you are a Freeze Mage lover, go ahead and pick this one up!

Although Freeze Mage has a bad matchup (but not unwinnable) against Patron Warrior, it has extremely high odds of winning against all the other top tier decks in the ladder.


And these are the coolest decks I found promising this week!

At this point, most of you might have noticed how much I love Dragon Priest, since it gets updated every week. Well, I indeed love it a lot, but you have to remember it is a very new deck when compared to other decks so that is why it keeps getting updated over and over again while other decks don’t.

Dragon Priest <3

I hope you guys have been enjoying these series, with me posting the newest and most surprising lists as well as the ones that got updated, I believe these series are becoming a nice and warm place for you to come whenever you want to stay up to date with the current metagame changes and newest lists, so I will keep up with them, always researching for the best lists for you guys!

Love you yall, see ya next week!