The latest Knights of the Frozen Throne card is a new Pirate

Aggro had to get some love too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After a ton of interesting new control cards, it was to be expected that some aggressive cards would also be arriving in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The latest Hearthstone card to be revealed is, sadly for some, a new pirate. Fetch the crabs.

Like a super Bloodsail Raider, Phantom Freebooter is another card that takes stats from your weapon. Except this card draws health as well. So if you have a Fiery War Axe equipped, this becomes a 6/5. An Arcanite Reaper makes it an 8/5. Heck, even using Upgrade! without a weapon equipped will make this a 4/6.

This is likely to find its way into Pirate decks which have been looking for something to include in the mid-game. Bittertide Hydra has become popular, but this could beat it out.

While many players are already beginning to theory craft their new deck archetypes, with Death Knights and such, sadly it seems like Pirate Warrior might still be able to keep pace for the time being.